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Mecmesin are a leading global designer and manufacturer of force, materials, and torque testing solutions for quality control. Products include compression, flexure, friction, peel, tensile, torque and top-load testers, used to ensure the quality, strength, performance, and usability of components.


Materials Testers

Mecmesin's range of OmniTest Material Testers is the ideal solution for performing static tensile and compressive tests to measure the mechanical properties of a wide range of materials, including plastics. At the heart of the OmniTest lies Mecmesin’s VectorPro MT material analysis software. Powerful, intuitive and touchscreen friendly, Vector Pro MT has been designed with ease of use at the forefront through an intuitive drag & drop test builder, built-in stress-strain calculations, icon driven graphing tools and configurable reporting options.

Force Test Systems

Mecmesin offers a comprehensive range of force testers, from the software-driven MultiTest-i range, ideal for QA and R&D laboratories, to the console-driven MultiTest-xt designed specifically for production areas, through to the entry-level MultiTest-dV motorised force tester and the 3 in 1 FPT-H1 friction, peel and tear tester.

Torque Test Systems

Mecmesin also specialises in the design and manufacture of machines for 'static' torque measurement. Products include the Helixa precision torque tester, designed for applications where torque force may be very small and accuracy is a priority, the software-controlled Vortex-i and Vortex-xt range and the entry-level Vortex-dV motorised torque tester.

Force and Torque Instrumentation

Mecmesin designs and offers products to suit a wide range of test applications and budgets. In addition to our test systems, we also offer a range of simple, handheld force and torque instruments such as digital force gauges and digital torque testers.


To achieve accurate test results it's important that your sample is gripped and held correctly. Mecmesin provides a wide range of standard and application-specific grips, fixtures and extensometers to ensure you get the most from your test system. In addition, Mecmesin engineers can use their wealth of experience to custom-design accessories for parts or components with unusual shapes or finishes.


Globally many manufacturers of plastics and polymer materials, components and finished products use Mecmesin test equipment to ensure their quality, strength, performance and usability. Our test solutions for the plastic industry include:

  • 3-point bend testing to identify flexural properties of plastics
  • Adhesion/peel testing of plastic labels, ID and credit cards
  • Coefficient of friction testing of plastic film and sheeting
  • Compression testing of plastic foam
  • Measuring the elongation/return characteristics of plastics
  • Measuring the initial 'slip' torque and 'bridge' torque on plastic tamper-evident closures
  • Pull-off and insertion/withdrawal testing of plastic fasteners
  • Release and application torque of plastic closures
  • Tensile and material strength testing of plastic materials
  • Top-load testing of plastic containers e.g. PET bottles


Worldwide technical support

Our sales, engineering and technical support teams are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Backed up by a fully trained international distributor network, wherever you are located in the world, you can be sure of getting the best advice both, before you buy, and during the many years of use you will enjoy with Mecmesin products.

Expert application support

Our technical sales engineers and distributors have experience of a wide variety of test applications and industries and offer expert advice to help you select, configure and install the right equipment to meet your application requirements.

Worldwide training

Mecmesin, along with our network of international distributors, provides installation and application-specific training packages to suit all needs. Training and support can be delivered onsite at your facility or online.

Calibration and repair

For calibration and repair of our instruments and test systems, we have an extensive support network of Mecmesin service centres to assist you at all times. Operated by our team of trained distributors and Mecmesin's own regional offices, you can be sure of prompt and efficient service to keep your Mecmesin equipment in top-class condition.


ISO 9001:2015


Mecmesin is an international company with group headquarters in the United Kingdom. We also have a North American headquarters in Sterling, Virginia, as well as offices in France, Germany, China and Thailand. Additionally, Mecmesin is represented by a global network of exclusive distributors in over 50 countries, providing customers with local technical expertise, training, application and after-sales support.



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