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Company Name: AWB Plastics Ltd trading as Silvergate Plastics
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Location: Wrexham, North Wales
Summary of Business Activities: As the UK’s largest manufacturer of custom colour masterbatch, Silvergate expertly develops market-defining colour, additive and multi-component masterbatches. We offer a high level of technical expertise, an onsite colour matching facility and unrivalled lead-times to customers operating worldwide.
Specialist markets/sectors: Silvergate Plastics maintains an efficient and effective masterbatch manufacturing operation within the supply chain of the global thermoplastics industry. We provide outstanding technical support to customers operating worldwide. We respond quickly to ever-changing market demands and have the capabilities to overcome the most complex challenges. We offer the shortest delivery times in the industry without compromising on quality or performance.
Product range Detail: Colour Masterbatch

Silvergate Plastics is the UK’s largest producer of custom colour masterbatch. As well as offering standard colours, we also supply bespoke colours, specialist products and specific formulations on request. Customers can work directly with our specialist technicians in our colour match facility, Creations. We manufacture high opacity colours and tints, as well as specialist metallic, pearlescent, marble and glow-in-the-dark effects.

White Masterbatch

We offer a wide range of white masterbatches that brighten, whiten and add opacity to plastic applications. Used extensively in film and sheet extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding, we support processors by producing a variety of shades of while masterbatch. As well as industry standard products, we offer our award-winning Simply White economy range of products.

Black Masterbatch

We supply high quality black masterbatch that offers durability when exposed to ultra violet light and extreme weather conditions. As with all our products, we supply black masterbatches to comply with stringent international regulations concerning medical devices, toys, food contact materials and waste packaging.

Additive Masterbatch

We offer an extensive range of additive masterbatches that provide numerous benefits to plastics processors. Additives can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of an application or strengthen its mechanical performance. Some of the most common additives used in the thermoplastics industry include:

 Anti-static
 Anti-fog
 Anti-oxidants
 Anti-slip
 Degradable
 Mineral fillers
 Mould release
 Optiblo®

We are also able to develop specialist additive masterbatches that add fragrances and flavours to polymer applications.
Additional services provided: Creations at Silvergate Plastics is the UK’s first onsite custom colour matching facility. At Creations, customers can develop any colour and any effect for any plastic application by working directly with our specialist masterbatch technicians. Our highly-experienced technicians offer best practice solutions so customers can:

 Achieve the best possible colour match in the shortest time
 Explore ways to enhance the performance of an application
 Develop a unique, multi-component masterbatch
 Work within budget and timescales
 Safeguard the integrity of their brand

We can match the colour of a physical sample or test shades in various applications. With superfast Wi-Fi, unlimited refreshments and a comfortable breakout area, customers can keep in touch with colleagues and clients, while we take care of their colour. Whether customers have a specific colour or effect in mind or require expert guidance, our colour technicians will inspire, innovate and impress.
Quality accreditations: Silvergate Plastics is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 approved. All our formulations are REACH compliant; no substances listed on ECHA’s SVHC list are used in the manufacture of our products. We are RoHS compliant with ROHS and Directive 94/62/EC for packaging and packaging waste. We remain fully up to date with developments in global regulations, which enables us to provide the safest products for plastic applications.
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