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Benvic is one of the world’s leading compounders. Founded in 1963 as a subsidiary of Solvay, Benvic develops, produces and markets highly customized, innovative thermoplastic solutions (PVC, Biopolymers, TPE, PP, Halogen Free, and Medical Compounds), used across a very diverse range of industries.


  • Provinyl : Plasticized, rigid, & recycled PVC compounds.
  • Plantura : New bio-based resin generation compounds for compatible and durable use.
  • X-tended : Engineered and technical compounds
    • PP grades with different fillers, TPE’s, halogen-free cable compounds
  • Medical : Compounds and components for medical activities
  • Benvic ProVinyl polymers are designed to match the capabilities of engineering polymers in terms of performance load, structure and specification. ProVinyl’s main applications are found in: construction, electrical cable, automotive, packaging, consumer and appliance products. Benvic’s Thermavic® is also part of the ProVinyl range.
  • Benvic Plantura range is focused on new biobased resins that help reduce the environmental footprint. Benvic Plantura can be supplied in formats to suit all polymer processes, such as extrusion, thermoforming and moulding. Benvic Plantura grades can also be supplied to match product applications - films or containers suitable for home composting or industrial composting and durable items for other uses.
  • Benvic Xtended materials offer non-PVC polymers for the challenge of complex and mission-critical applications in various demanding markets. These materials include: filled and reinforced polypropylene grades for engineered uses. Also included are a range of Thermoplastics Elastomers (TPE’s) for new and existing markets. Currently focused on the footwear sector, Benvic TPE’s are also set to find markets in construction and in elastomers and elastomeric alloys for packaging, automotive, and electrical / electronic applications. Linkflex HF (Halogen Free) flame retarded compounds for cabling also provide an efficient solution that meets new CPR regulations.
  • Benvic Medical solutions include all manner of polymer compounds and bespoke fluid medical components. Aside from a wide range of existing components (from connectors to filters) Benvic’s integrated capabilities for product and process development also allow new and specific medical product designs on demand. Benvic offers the medical world a fully integrated and systems-based approach for all its material and product needs. Benvic Medical is a vertically integrated business that delivers sustainable value to the evolving medical sector, while integrating with the rest of the Benvic Group.


  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Wire & Cable
  • Electrical appliances
  • Packaging
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer goods
  • Turf Infill
  • Medical


Benvic is committed to a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of the business especially when it comes to environment, health and safety : Certificates : ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO45001, ISO 50001


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