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I judge a supplier when there is a problem. It’s very easy to deal with customers when everything is going well, but any issues that crop up show the true character of an organisation. I have to say 3DGBIRE have passed the test with flying colours. A few days ago, the morning started poorly. I reported a problem with a rather costly 3D printer I had acquired from them, that prevented me from working. Within half an hour, my contact had responded to my e-mail. By noon the next day I had (expensive) replacement parts. No questions, no photos, he took me at my word. A rather rare occurrence these days. Possibly the best service I have received in the quarter of a century I’ve been in business.

Ian Pearson

Brilliant advice and service! I was initially uncertain about upgrading my Ultimaker 2. Shaun was very patient and helpful in talking me through my upgrade options. 3DGBIRE sent my upgrade and advanced printing kits to me, and I received them the next day. That's remarkable considering I live on the Isle of Wight. They provided so much better service than suppliers who are much nearer to me. The upgrade kit had the wrong nozzles - not the fault of 3DGBIRE, as the box still had the manufacturer's seal. Nevertheless, Dave sent me the correct nozzle, which again arrived quickly. Brilliant service!

Mark Porter

The service I've received from the team at 3D GBIRE has been excellent to date. I've gone to them for servicing of my 3D printers as well as purchasing equipment. The after-sales service is great, nice to know they're there when you need them.

Wayne Harrison

3DGBIRE are fast and reliable. An order placed late on Monday afternoon arrived on the Wednesday. On top of this great service, when I received an email about a 10% discount offer on Tuesday, just after our order was placed, I was a little frustrated to have missed out. However, after dropping them an email, they have honoured the discount with a refund! THAT is great customer service! Well done 3DGBIRE.


Service just continues to be superb. Advice is free and expert long after the initial sale, and a web order for a third-party top cover made over the weekend arrived on Tuesday without any problems.

Chris Woolf

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