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Flat bed conveyorsprovide a raised conveyor belt that is ideal for use with a Cartesian (Beam) robot. These conveyors can be produced in a range of widths and lengths and have options such as ‘indexing’, this typically involving a robot sending a signal to the conveyor, telling it to move forward a set distance once a part has been deposited. Photo-cells can also be provided, these providing additional safeguards for either the collision of components with the robot head, or to prevent a full conveyor from spilling components.

Incline conveyors - Horizontal to Incline Conveyors - Swan Neck Conveyorsare typically used for catching and raising components deposited by moulding machines running without a robot. Parts may be transferred into a storage bag or bin, or be transferred to a work station. The conveyor belts may have ‘flights’, these being designed to hold components as they travel up the incline. The ‘output’ end of the conveyor can also be fitted with a ‘sprue’ separator, this being used in cases where a material runner system is also present, it preventing the need for manual sorting.

Belt conveyor systemsprovide a continuous loop that enables the transportation of materials around a production plant or other facility. Belt materials can be specified, e.g. depending on hygiene requirements, temperature of product etc.

Weighing, counting & sorting equipmentusually works in conjunction with standard conveyors and is designed to reduce labour requirements. Functions include sprue/runner separation, component weighing or counting, boxing or bagging and temporary storage.

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