Serving the UK & IE plastics industry

LCC Policy

PlastikCity was formed to represent the leading suppliers to the UK and Irelands plastic industry. This included both large and smaller suppliers. PlastikCity was never set up to be a directory, and all partners had to meet specific criteria to qualify for acceptance. These criteria are based on our best judgement that the company:

  • Supplies premium-quality equipment or services to the UK & IE plastics industry
  • Sales process is not price-driven
  • Has been established at least two years
  • Provides UK or IE-based, reputable service support
  • Is financially sound with a good credit rating

When PlastikCity started trading in 2012, we judged that equipment manufactured from companies whose headquarters are in LCC’s was of a lower quality than a typical European manufacturer. As a consequence, the sales strategy was price-driven. In 2021 it is our judgement that the quality of equipment imported from LCC’s has vastly improved. UK support levels have also improved and, in some cases, are now comparable to their European counterparts. However, our research has shown that the sales process remains price-driven, and as such, to maintain our acceptance standards, we are still excluding them from our partnership.

This situation will be constantly reviewed.

Carl Futcher
Managing Director

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