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What is Blow Moulding?

Blow moulding is a method of producing hollow plastic parts such as bottles and containers. The process starts with melting raw plastic material and creating a parison, a tube-like piece of plastic with a hole on one end. The parison is then placed in a mould, and air is blown into the hole with a rod, causing the parison to expand and take the shape of the mould. The plastic is then cooled and solidified before being removed from the mould.

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8 Ways to Save Energy in Moulding

Want to know how to save hundreds of pounds in energy by simply optimising your machine and processes? There are eight steps to running the most energy-efficient moulding machines, as Lukas Krueger, Applications and Industries Manager at ARBURG, explained to guests at ARBURG’s Open House to celebrate 100 years of the Hehl company on 17 May.

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Top 7 Injection Moulding Robot & Automation Suppliers in the UK & Ireland 2023

The term automation covers a wide range of scenarios, from simple de-moulding cells to complex assembly lines. Within the plastics sector, the majority of automation is designed to reduce labour costs, prevent damage to parts and provide consistent production rates. This is achieved by replacing machine operators with programmable robots that are controlled and synchronised by the production equipment.

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