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Month: April 2019

Thinking About Reshoring your Tool from the Far East?

Brexit has shaken up businesses across the country, and many companies are using this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they are conducting their manufacturing.

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PlastikCity On Tour – CMS UK

Our next stop was at Nottingham based CMS UK Ltd.

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Why would you use a Hot Air Dryer?

Some say hot air dryers have limited application as they are only effective for drying surface moisture from non-hydroscopic materials such as Polypropylene or Polystyrene.

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Are De-scaling and Cleaning Units the ‘Panacea’ to Preventative Maintenance Issues?

Most modern plastic processing companies will employ a preventative maintenance program. This will usually centre around the servicing of primary production equipment, conducted by skilled staff or the OEM service team.

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Tooling: What, Where and Why?

Plunkett Associates’ experience takes us from low volume into hundreds of thousands, or put another way, container loads! We would be the first to acknowledge that we lack a track record of dealing in millions, a specialist area in its own right!

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