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Month: March 2019

PlastikCity on Tour – Renmar Plastics Machinery

Welcome to the second edition of PlastikCity on tour! Our next stop was at Wellingborough based Renmar Plastics Machinery.

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Is Solvent Resistance Predictable with Polymers?

To assess solvent resistance, first consider solvents spread out on a polarity scale. Non-polar solvents are at one end, such as paraffin, petrol and diesel. At the other ‘highly polar’ end we find alcohols and water.  In between are moderately polar solvents such as acetone, esters and chlorinated solvents.

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How Can Disturbances in the Vacuum Supply be Avoided?

mo explains measures to maintain the vacuum

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What Are My Options for Low Volume Injection Moulding?

Whilst many companies view low quantities as a nuisance, they represent our staple diet!

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Sulphur: From the Underworld to Thermoplastics

In 1839, by inserting sulphur atoms as bridges between polymer chains, Charles Goodyear transformed Natural Rubber from an interesting curiosity into a superb engineering material that has had a huge impact on society.

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