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Month: October 2015

Re-shoring, fact or fiction?

We all know that in recent years there has been a ‘buzz’ in the general Manufacturing Sector about more product being sourced from within the UK, but what do the actual numbers tell us?

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Driverless Cars, Robot servants & All Electric Machines – Why haven’t we all got one?

We all know that All-Electric Injection Moulding Machines are more accurate, use less power and are quieter than hydraulic models.  So what happened to the 2004 predictions of a year on year increase in their usage?

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One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure

A PlastikCity customer approached me recently saying he would like to advertise various items from his factory on our website. He knew it was free to advertise so he told his staff to look around the factory and tell him what items were redundant and then put them up on our site.

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