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Month: May 2018

Two Shot Moulding: What is it and What are the Benefits?

Two shot moulding is the ability to produce complex mouldings from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle. This opens the door to allow you to create innovative mouldings that can be produced quickly and to a very high quality.

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ASTM D638 Tensile Testing of Plastics

Impact Solutions, through our laboratory, have extensive capabilities and experience in plastic testing. Our facility houses a mix of state of the art plastic testing equipment and bespoke designed plastic testing rigs allowing us to undertake a wide range of different test techniques on plastics. This includes ASTM D638 (technically equivalent to ISO 527 -1) is a testing standard which ascertains the tensile properties of a plastic material. 

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How do I Choose the Right Process for my Prototype?

Prototyping, 3D printing, additive manufacture, whatever we choose to call it now offers a wide variety of options and importantly capabilities. Which one is ‘best’ depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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Hydraulic Oil Oxidation: FAQS

Leading oil and engineering fluids supplier Millers Oils answers the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the oxidation of hydraulic oil.

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Accelerated Weathering of Automotive Interior to SAE J2412

SAE J2412 is a popular and commonly used accelerated weathering test standard, which exposes automotive interior samples to simulated sunlight using xenon lamps. 

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