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The Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Part Quality and Dimensions

Injection moulding is a complex system of machinery, fluid dynamics, and thermal conductivity. Let’s break the mould down into two simple parts, the heat exchanger and the pressure vessel, and review how they can impact overall part quality and dimensions.

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Making the Most of Impact Testing

Falling weight impact tests can yield much more relevant information than single-point impact testing; however, they come with their own challenges. 

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Do Izod and Charpy Make the Appropriate Impact?

Cracking of plastics components under impact was a major blow to the plastics industry in the early days. Today it is still a challenge for designers to select thermoplastics that will stand up to impact under service conditions.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Injection Moulding?

Injection moulding is one of the most commonly used methods of producing identical plastic products in high volumes. However, as with every process, it is important to understand the specific design restrictions that must be adhered to in order to facilitate the obvious benefits of successfully producing cost-effective, high-quality parts.

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What Methods Can I Use to Produce Plastic Prototype and Production Parts?

From 3D Printing to CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting to Injection Moulding, the process options for plastic parts are limitless. Transitioning from prototyping to production can be a challenge, and it may be worth considering the long term requirements first.

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Low-Cost Identification of Plastics

Low-cost identification of plastics is certainly desirable, but identifying an unknown plastic material can be an expensive exercise if you submit it for full chemical analysis.

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How Does the Dedusting of Granulate Work? | Mo’s Corner

Mo explains the dedusting units and implosion purging of filters…

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How Can Moldflow Analysis Help Your Product Development?

Moldflow software allows the flow of plastic inside a mould tool during the injection moulding process to be analysed. The 3D CAD data generated during the design process can be used directly to determine the manufacturability of the part.

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What is the Purpose of CAD and Why Do We Need It?

3D CAD data is the gateway to exciting and transformative technologies such as simulation, 3d printing and CNC machining.

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Thinking About Reshoring your Tool from the Far East?

Brexit has shaken up businesses across the country, and many companies are using this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they are conducting their manufacturing.

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Why would you use a Hot Air Dryer?

Some say hot air dryers have limited application as they are only effective for drying surface moisture from non-hydroscopic materials such as Polypropylene or Polystyrene.

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Are De-scaling and Cleaning Units the ‘Panacea’ to Preventative Maintenance Issues?

Most modern plastic processing companies will employ a preventative maintenance program. This will usually centre around the servicing of primary production equipment, conducted by skilled staff or the OEM service team.

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Tooling: What, Where and Why?

Plunkett Associates’ experience takes us from low volume into hundreds of thousands, or put another way, container loads! We would be the first to acknowledge that we lack a track record of dealing in millions, a specialist area in its own right!

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Is Solvent Resistance Predictable with Polymers?

To assess solvent resistance, first consider solvents spread out on a polarity scale. Non-polar solvents are at one end, such as paraffin, petrol and diesel. At the other ‘highly polar’ end we find alcohols and water.  In between are moderately polar solvents such as acetone, esters and chlorinated solvents.

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How Can Disturbances in the Vacuum Supply be Avoided?

mo explains measures to maintain the vacuum

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What Are My Options for Low Volume Injection Moulding?

Whilst many companies view low quantities as a nuisance, they represent our staple diet!

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Sulphur: From the Underworld to Thermoplastics

In 1839, by inserting sulphur atoms as bridges between polymer chains, Charles Goodyear transformed Natural Rubber from an interesting curiosity into a superb engineering material that has had a huge impact on society.

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Can You Modify a Polymer Grade Safely?

One of the exciting attributes of polymers is that the properties of any polymer can be modified by tinkering with the basic molecular structure or incorporating a range of additives.  However, you have to be aware that altering one property may have a knock-on effect on other properties.

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Use of XRF Spectroscopy to Uncover Toxic Substances in Plastics

Undoubtedly plastics have played a key role in the shaping of our modern society mainly due to their unique versatile, lightweight and cost-efficient properties.  But, unlike other types of materials such as metals, recycling of plastics can be technically challenging.

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What is Important for Material Flow in Plastics Processing? | Mo’s Corner

mo explains the background information and details of plastics conveying…

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