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Month: January 2024

Why It’s Time for the UK’s Plastics Industry to Embrace Automation

Despite being a powerhouse in manufacturing with an impressive £224bn output, the UK surprisingly ranks 24th in global robot density. This isn’t just a fun fact – it’s a critical indicator that we need to step up our game in industrial automation, especially given ongoing labour shortages and rising operational costs in recent years. Let’s delve into why automation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for our industry’s future.

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Strengthening UK Plastic Moulding: The Case for Localising Supply Chains

In an era marked by geopolitical disruptions and global uncertainties, the UK plastic manufacturing industry faces unique challenges. To mitigate these risks, there is a growing need to re-evaluate and strengthen supply chains. A promising strategy emerging for UK plastic moulders is the localisation of their supply chain – a move towards relying more on British suppliers with UK stock. At PlastikCity, this approach is not just a recommendation; it’s a foundational principle. In this blog, PlastikCity explains the benefits…

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