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Month: July 2017

How to Use Machine Guarding to Minimise Risk in Business

Machine guarding used in industry and business is an important safety issue that is subject to numerous compliance standards and regulations.

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UK Plastics Exhibitions – Should We Support Them?

We frequently hear talk of how big the Interplas exhibition used to be – apparently Battenfeld alone filled one hall!

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Performance of Acrylic

We were asked to look at the performance of acrylic and the force required to break an acrylic window, fitted into a caravan which had been in service since 2001. Unfortunately sample of the glazing was not made available for inspection and subsequent physical analysis.

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Why Do We Mix Materials When Dosing? And What Should We Keep In Mind?

mo explains: Separately dosed materials need to be correctly mixed to ensure that plasticisation results in a homogenous output material.

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Understanding Colour Variation and How It Occurs

Colour is subjective and has a huge impact on our physiology and psychology, so getting the right colour for your product is essential to widening its appeal, increasing perceived value and retaining the integrity of your brand.

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Fire Testing PE – Why PE Cladding is a Bad Idea

Fire testing PE cladding has suddenly become a ‘buzz word’ following the tragedy at Grenfell.  If there is one material that we come across more often in our modern society this is Polyethylene (PE).

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Opportunities in the UK Automotive Supply Chain

As the MD of a UK injection moulding specialist, I have always been a strong advocate for the reshoring of moulding work. This has culminated in my participation on a specialist panel on this subject at the recent SMMT International Automotive Summit.

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