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Month: June 2018

What is Dry Ice Blasting & Why Should You Choose It?

Dry Ice Blasting is the process of propelling solid carbon dioxide particles at a high velocity to clean a surface. At Cryogenesis, we specialise in the intricate procedure of Dry Ice Cleaning or CO2 Blasting as it is also known. This process has grown to be one of the most efficient and effective methods of cleaning in many industries.

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What to Consider When Selecting Material for Your Medical Device

When you’re looking for the right materials for your medical device, there’s plenty to take into consideration.

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Combining Injection Moulding and Engineered Structural Foam for the Automotive Market

For more than 45 years, Hallam Plastics has been providing high quality plastic injection moulding services to blue-chip companies working in the automotive sector.

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A K Industries: High Surface Finish Components Challenge

The Challenge: The customer required a completely aesthetic component with a very high gloss finish. This was to be printed as a post moulding process and with no evidence of gate witness, ejector marks, flow lines or sink on the show surface.

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Where are Rigid Plastic Extrusions Used?

Rigid plastic extrusions are used in a wide range of everyday applications, many of which you will use regularly without even realising!

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Rockwell Hardness Test

The rockwell hardness test is used to measure the ‘hardness’ of a plastic – it’s ability to resist permanent indentation.  This information can be ascertained through the use of a loaded ball indenter.

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3 Reasons to Think Twice Before Purchasing Your Next Mould

Traditional manufacturing methods such as injection moulding have been around for decades and remain a solid option for most projects once the market demand and product requirements have all been validated. However, there are times when considering other options can provide some major benefits.

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A K Industries: Two Shot Moulding Challenge

The Challenge: The customer required an injection moulding company capable of producing a complex suite of conventional injection mould tooling for a Safety Handlamp.

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