Dry Ice Blasting is the process of propelling solid carbon dioxide particles at a high velocity to clean a surface. At Cryogenesis, we specialise in the intricate procedure of Dry Ice Cleaning or CO2 Blasting as it is also known. This process has grown to be one of the most efficient and effective methods of cleaning in many industries.

With this high-quality product, many people can be intimidated by the intensity of the process. Not only that, another machine means more maintaining right?

Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting?

  • Dry Ice Blasting can save you time and money increasing your overall productivity.
  • This effective process cleans surface without eroding or etching surfaces, such as can be found when using other methods such as sand or grit blasting.
  • This high-quality finish is unbeatable, but it does so without creating any secondary waste and reduces your exposure to corrosive and conductive products.

Is Regular Maintenance Required?

  • Minimal maintenance is required. Any replacement parts are supplied by Cryogenesis.
  • By ensuring that oil levels are maintained and by checking the machine for crack, abrasions and worn parts, you can combat any problem you may face quickly and affordably.
  • Ensuring that the filters are working in order and a recommended 12-month service will leave your machine trouble-free.

At Cryogenesis we offer all our customers a tailored package from the sale of equipment to the on-going supply of competitive Dry Ice Media, with a next day delivery service.

Outright equipment sales and comprehensive training programmes are available, along with leasing options as well as short-term rental agreements. Alternatively, our expert blasters are available for in-house and on-site contract cleaning jobs.

Established in 1994, our reputation has grown as a leading supplier of quality Dry Ice Blasting equipment and we are a certified distributor of ColdJet’s extensive and formidable range of products. Our much researched and high-quality products are some of the most advanced and affordable products in the world and can bring about substantial savings to your company in terms of servicing, maintenance and cleaning expenditures.

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