When you’re looking for the right materials for your medical device, there’s plenty to take into consideration.

Once you’ve made your choice, SP Technology can help you with the design and manufacture of it. Have a look at what you need to think about when choosing your materials.


To keep costs down, take into account any additions that may need to be added to your product. Consider whether the material will be suitable for mass production. Will it be manufactured using complex or simple techniques? Remember to add the costs of distribution, considering the size and weight of the device.


Ensuring that all plastics used in the device pass biocompatibility, tests should be considered at an early stage. Steps should be taken to reduce the risk of contamination. This can be done by using strict hygiene processes and assembling products in clean rooms.


Think about the strength of the material. Does it need to be extra strong or can your use a weaker material? Does your device need to be resistant to high temperatures or from cracking or breaking? Will the material you want to use stand up to the specifications required?


It’s no good picking a material that’s difficult to source now. It means that it may be scarce in the future. Do some research and find a reliable supplier. Pick a company who can be trusted to produce exactly the materials you need at the time they are needed.


Remember your features. These can be making a device lightweight or comfortable to grip. You can then source materials that are suitable and that can be adapted to provide the features you need.

Ease of Use

As more and more patients are provided with devices to use at home, ease of use needs to be considered. A person who doesn’t have medical training may need to be able to use the device with confidence. This is when durability, flexibility and aesthetics need to be considered.


Like all medical devices, the material you choose will have to withstand rigorous cleaning methods. Bleach and alcohol will be used. Sterilisation will also be harsh on the material. So, it needs to be resistant to cracking or breaking.


What happens to a device at the end of its usage must also be considered. Using recyclable materials will mean that the device is easier to dispose of once it is no longer needed.


Picking the right design team will ensure that you can use their knowledge and expertise. They will help you to bring your medical device from the design stage through to the finished product.

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