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Injection mould toolmakerscan provide you with an injection moulding tool or suite of tools designed to produce accurately sized and detailed plastic parts in a controlled manner. The materials used will reflect the anticipated volumes required, and the design will take account of the required production rate (cycle time).

Prototyping specialistsoffer a lower cost tooling solution designed to aid in the development of a product, rather than provide extended production runs. These companies can also use the tool to provide you with samples, usually by way of an in-house injection moulding capability.

Hot runner systems & controllersare used in situations where a cold runner is not wanted. A hot runner is a heated conduit that channels molten plastic between the injection moulding machine nozzle and the point of entry (‘gate’) within the tooling cavity. Rather than the plastic runner system freezing and being ejected together with the component, it stays molten, a small ‘pip’ of plastic from the gate pinching off is the only material lost.
A hot runner controller monitors and controls the heat of the plastic within the hot runner system. The number of zones relates to the number of temperature control points within the runner system. More complex arrangements  need more zones. Each zone can be controlled independently, allowing the correct balance 
of the system to be achieved. 

Mould components & accessoriesare items that relate to the construction of a mould tool. For example, hydraulic cylinders that move and lock cores within the tool, allowing more complex shapes to be produced.

Mould clampsare used to safely retain the mould tool within the moulding machine. Better quality clamps can save valuable time when it comes to conducting a tool change.

Mould repairs, refurbishment and polishing servicesare sometimes required in order to maintain a tool during its working life. Accidental damage or general wear and tear can result in surface defects appearing on mouldings, as well as preventing parts from being easily removed once moulded.

Rotary platens & secondary injection unitsare items that can be added to existing injection moulding equipment. Rotary platens rotate a mould tool within the machine, usually to allow an additional material to be injected via a separate injection unit (multi-shot).
Secondary injection units can be linked to the host machine and provide a stand-alone injection unit that can simultaneously process a different material grade. These units can be mounted in different configurations, allowing the point of entry into the mould tool to be chosen. In this way, a standard machine can be adapted to provide a multi-shot capability.

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