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Month: March 2018

Leaking of a Dangerous Chemical

On Sunday the 4th of March news had broken across the UK that a spy in the UK had been found poisoned on a bench outside a shopping mall in Salisbury, due to a deliberate or accidental leaking of a dangerous chemical.

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Pipe Joint Failure

Thousands of homes awoke recently to water shortages, after failed pipework in the water distribution network led to hundreds of leaks throughout the network.  Many of these leaks will have occurred where two pipes are joined to together, because of a pipe joint failure.

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How Can Material Stress be Reduced During Conveying? | Mo’s Corner

Mo explains how material can be conveyed gently…

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Celebrating our Wonderful Women in the Workplace

Last week presented a great opportunity to focus on our wonderful women in the workplace as we joined in the celebrations of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018.
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Selecting the Right Automation Partner

Clients often ask me “Why should we choose SP Technology as our machine builder?”
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Females in Engineering – A Female Impact

September 2017, Impact Solutions hired Hope (17) as a trainee laboratory technician.  She joins another two young male trainee lab technicians, Jack (20) and Ewan (20), who are in their second and third year of their apprenticeships.   Continue reading

Contamination Hinders Plastic Recycling

The environmental impact of poorly managing plastic waste has been in the headlines since the BBC’s Blue Planet II series was aired at the end of 2017.  In January, Theresa May pledged to eliminate the UK’s plastic waste by 2042.  Less than a week later and the EU ‘declared war on plastic waste’, announcing the intention to ensure that every piece of packaging on the continent is reusable or recyclable by 2030.
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