Rigid plastic extrusions are used in a wide range of everyday applications, many of which you will use regularly without even realising!

Here we list just a few of the environments where plastic extrusions are used on a day-to-day basis…

At home

Plastic extrusions are commonplace in the home and are used for everything from door and window installations to the parts and fittings on household appliances.

In addition, the plumbing in most modern homes is constructed and connected by plastic extrusion profiles that manufactured to be both air-tight and water-tight. This includes plastic tubing, brackets, drainage pipes and guttering.

The Lighting Industry also uses a huge range of rigid plastic extrusions for their products, so modern homes usually have multiple electrical fittings that use rigid plastic extrusions such as lighting profiles, lighting diffusers, luminaires and refractors.

rigid plastic extrusions at home

In the garden

Extrusions are commonplace in many garden applications such as decking, fencing and tools, with a range of bespoke profiles manufactured for use in the horticultural market.

This includes many products designed for use in the construction and waterproofing of conservatories and outside buildings. These applications include window profiles, roofing profiles, protective cladding, supports and trims.

rigid plastic extrusions in the garden

On the road

Rigid plastic extrusions are used in a large range of commercial vehicles such as articulated lorries and curtain sided vehicles. These specialist fittings include PVC pelmets, kickboards, buffer profiles, rigid tick sections and drip trays.

In the workplace

Like our homes, our office and workplace environments will benefit from a range of applications that make use of rigid plastic extrusions. This includes standard packaging and storage facilities, commercial retail displays, electrical fittings and the vast majority of office furniture.

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