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Top 10 Injection Moulding Robot & Automation Suppliers in the UK & Ireland 2022

The term automation covers a wide range of scenarios, from simple de-moulding cells to complex assembly lines. Within the plastics sector, the majority of automation is designed to reduce labour costs, prevent damage to parts and provide consistent production rates. This is achieved by replacing machine operators with programmable robots that are controlled and synchronised by the production equipment.

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What is your REAL scrap rate?

Scrap rates for the injection moulding industry are easy to calculate, but often painful to believe – it is simply the difference in weight between how much plastic you buy in, and the total weight of parts delivered. Typically this is as much as 10%, although when questioned about scrap rates companies reported to us the figures they wanted to talk about – such as “customer reject rates” of 4.5ppm or their “production reject rate” where we heard of 0.001%.  These figures are just self-congratulatory and distorted.

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