We’ve all watched webinars, especially since the pandemic arrived. We’ve watched good ones, boring ones, and even some calamitous ones. But one thing for sure – they’re here to stay.

Here at PlastikMedia, we identified that since social distancing measures have been introduced, many of our clients needed new ways to reach their customers and prospects on a more personal level. We were already providing marketing for our clients using traditional tools such as mailshots, email newsletters, press releases, and website management/SEO. But with open houses, networking events, and exhibitions all being delayed, we needed to support our clients by offering something that could achieve the same objectives.

So, enter the webinar.

We bought the software, the microphones and the cameras, and off we went and offered webinars as part of our package. The first ones we conducted went OK, but only OK. While they went smoothly, our customers were nervous about pushing the wrong buttons and those nerves transferred onto the screen. We realised we had to take the pressure away. So we changed our model and now handle everything except the actual presentation.

An example graphic created to promote Riverdale Global’s webinar on social media.

We have always managed the webinar setup, event promotions, attendee invites, registrations, and hosting. To take the pressure off, we now present the webinar introduction, the surveys, and the live Q&A at the end of the session. All the clients have to do is conduct their presentation and answer the questions, safe knowing that we handle everything else. We even step in if presenters lose bandwidth and will handle all technical difficulties if required.

This change produced massive benefits, with all our customer webinars achieving a minimum rating score of 4.5/5, and clients praising our system’s simplicity and ease-of-use of our webinar platform. Relaxed and comfortable presenters deliver a more engaging presentation, so this is a win all around!

Our most recent webinar was hosted on behalf of Riverdale Global, a supplier of liquid colour masterbatch and additives. You can view the webinar recording below:

So we went out and asked our clients what benefits they found since conducting their webinars with us. Here are their top 10:

  1. We made sales without the hard sell.
  2. We reached people from all over the country and even the world.
  3. Customers who couldn’t attend live events due to travel costs or time out of the office now came along. It was only an hour out of their day wherever they were in the world.
  4. We never missed anyone, as all attendees and registrants provide their contact details, making it easy for our sales team to follow up.
  5. We could personally invite guests to attend, adding that personal touch
  6. We were able to invite ‘special guest talkers,’ which attracted even more attendees and gave our company additional credibility.
  7. The webinar reduced our sales cycle as we were doing the prospecting, presenting, handling objections, and closing all in one hit.
  8. We received much more value than live events – and unlike live events, we could easily measure our true ROI.
  9. We positioned ourselves as experts in our field, which enhanced our reputation in the industry.
  10. The webinar allowed our audience to place faces to the names, which helped develop relationships after the event.

I know we’re all looking forward to getting back to some live events – no-one, more than me, loves engaging face to face with my peers. But one thing is for sure; webinars, along with all digital marketing, have opened everyone’s eyes to the improved value and reach this media provides.

Oh, and yes, one more thing! The added advantage of using PlastikMedia? We can already reach your target market in the plastic manufacturing sector, enabling us to provide the audience, the technology, and the platform for you to deliver a fascinating presentation, all in one package.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our ‘Webinars’ page to see a walkthrough of the entire process, visit the ‘Our Work’ page to see some of our previous webinars, or click here and here to see an example of our email invitations. All designed and delivered by us, leaving you to perfect your presentation!

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