Industrial chillers are key components in manufacturing processes, especially in the plastics industry. They help control the temperature of machinery and materials.

Chillers keep equipment cool during operations, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent product quality. They play a crucial role in improving production efficiency and extending the lifespan of machinery.

Choosing the right supplier for your industrial chillers is important to maintain an efficient and reliable production environment. This article lists the top 6 suppliers of industrial chillers in the plastics industry.

The top six ratings are the view of the team at the leading plastic industry resource, PlastikCity. All companies have been verified as follows:

  • Supply premium-quality equipment
  • Established a minimum of two years
  • Provide UK-based, reputable service support
  • Financially sound

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In alphabetical order:

ICS Cool Energy

ICS are a market leader specialising in Temperature Control Solutions. They manufacture & maintain process cooling, heating & temperature control solutions to improve productivity whilst reducing costs & environmental impact. With their expertise & dedication to customer satisfaction, they design all their solutions to meet the customer’s needs.
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ICS Cool Energy logo

Intelicare Limited

Frigosystem Corema, in collaboration with Intelicare in the UK & Ireland since 2001, are renowned worldwide for the design, development and manufacture of robust industrial chillers and temperature control for a variety of plastics processes. Frigosystem chillers are specified by OEMs worldwide.
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Piovan Group

The Piovan Group is the worldwide leader in the field of auxiliary technologies for the diverse polymer industry. Piovan has more than 50,000 customers worldwide. Piovan’s equipment is backed by an extensive UK network of field-based service engineers, including 24 hours 7 days per week support. Designed to provide the best coefficient of performance in the industry, Piovan’s range of Aquatech products offers state-of-the-art efficiency and stability of process parameters.
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Piovan logo

Refcool Refrigeration

Refcool is a UK manufacturer of specialist chillers and cooling equipment and is also a distributor, installer and service provider for a select group of leading European manufacturers. They can supply chillers of all capacities from single phase laboratory-style chillers below 1kW to central chiller systems over 1MW.
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Summit Process Cooling

Established in the water-cooling industry for 30 years, SPC has vast cooling application experience and is well placed to provide well-engineered, cost-effective cooling equipment and support to refrigeration, air conditioning, original equipment manufacturers, and end-users.
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TOOL-TEMP is a leading manufacturer of temperature control units. Manufactured in Switzerland, they deliver over 10,000 units per year. Tool-Temp products are well known for outstanding build quality, ruggedness, reliability, and ease of operation. A comprehensive UK-wide service, spares, and support facility is managed by their Northamptonshire team.
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Supporting Information

In plastic manufacturing plants, industrial chillers are used to reduce the water temperature used for the cooling of moulds or the hydraulic circuits of processing machinery. In the case of moulds, chillers are used where it is necessary to remove excess heat, for example, to achieve a fast cycle time when producing thin-walled products.

The chiller uses refrigerants and a pumping system to maintain a pre-set temperature within a water circuit. Smaller units can be used for individual moulds or machines, whereas larger units can be used for a ‘ring-main’ type system.

Free coolers are designed to reduce the water temperature in a factory ring-main back to close to ambient levels. They are, in effect, giant radiators, similar to those used to cool a car engine’s oil. Machine hydraulic circuits don’t need chilled water, just water that is cooler than the oil in their heat exchangers.

Free coolers are typically sited outside a factory and in the shade. This means that for a significant amount of time, it is only necessary to pump water around the circuit. In hot weather, electric fans engage to increase airflow across the radiator fins.

There are two basic types of free cooler:

  • Airblast units are classed as dry coolers in that they are completely sealed systems that require no water to be sprayed over their radiators. They can be specified to achieve a return water supply 3 degrees above ambient temperature.
  • Adiabatic units are also sealed but have nozzles that, when required, create a fine mist of water in proximity to the radiators. This causes a substantial temperature drop, allowing significantly lower water temperature in the return circuit. This can be several degrees below ambient temperature.

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