Process Parameters discusses temperature calibration, the importance of calibrating your equipment and machinery, and provides an overview of the instruments and services it offers to improve accuracy and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Process Parameters is a UK-based manufacturer and distributor of industrial temperature sensors, infrared sensors and thermal cameras, serving all areas of industrial manufacturing. Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re using temperature measuring equipment, then accuracy is critical. But when used over time, your equipment can lose accuracy, mainly due to extreme temperatures, humidity and general wear and tear. What’s more, if you’re working in a regulated environment, the instruments you use may need to be periodically calibrated to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. Temperature calibration is the process of comparing a reading on one piece of equipment with that on another piece of equipment that has been calibrated to a known set of parameters. Most equipment will need to be calibrated on an ongoing basis during its lifetime to ensure it continues to be accurate. Regular calibration of equipment also provides users with peace of mind and confidence in the results produced, monitored, and recorded.

Traceable temperature calibration to ISO standards

Process Parameters offers a traceable calibration service, and its calibration is carried out in accordance with its quality management accreditation ISO 9001. This industry standard means all measurements are traceable back to national standards. Traceable calibration is an appropriate calibration for most applications.

Company expertise

As temperature measurement specialists with unique industry expertise, Process Parameters’ temperature calibration services ensure the highest level of accuracy of your equipment as well as compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Instrument calibration

Process Parameters offers calibration in respect of a number of different instruments, including:


In many industries, even the slightest variance in the required temperature can adversely affect both the quality of a product and safety, particularly in the food and drink industry and in the production of certain materials. However, a number of operational conditions can affect the accuracy of probe measurements, for example, extremes of temperature, cycling temperature and knocks and damage. Regular calibration of temperature probes is therefore essential to ensure they remain accurate. The recommended frequency of the calibration will vary depending on the amount and manner in which a probe is used, the industry you are operating in, and the operational conditions. Process Parameters can calibrate temperature probes at temperatures between -30°C to +240°C.


Although most modern gauges are extremely robust, they can suffer from wear and tear, which can affect their accuracy over time. Periodic gauge calibration verifies and, if needed, restores accuracy and ensures consistent measurements.

Infrared cameras

Infrared cameras are factory calibrated to ensure precision and accuracy. However, like other equipment, over time, the electronic components age and the measurements they produce can start to drift. Other factors such as dust and dirt can also start to affect the equipment, but errors can be hard to detect. Therefore, an essential part of maintaining your infrared camera for both longevity and accuracy is ensuring it is periodically checked and recalibrated as necessary. With particular expertise in the Optris range of infrared cameras, the company’s infrared camera calibration can calibrate at temperatures of between 0 to 1200°c. In addition, the company can collect and return equipment as required. For more information about Process Parameters’ temperature calibration equipment and services, call 01628 778688 or email

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