A PlastikCity customer approached me recently saying he would like to advertise various items from his factory on our website. He knew it was free to advertise so he told his staff to look around the factory and tell him what items were redundant and then put them up on our site.

Nothing happened!

He then told them that 50% of what they raised would go towards the Christmas Staff party. All of a sudden they found polymer stocks that hadn’t moved for years, a compressor that was replaced because it was too noisy, and some ancillary items that had been removed and replaced by newer models etc. They put them on PlastikCity raising £1,900 within two weeks. They paid us £95 (5%) commission on the items they sold, £900 went towards the Christmas party and £900 in his cash flow.

He had nothing to lose – on the items that didn’t sell he paid nothing and he simply left them on the site until they moved. In addition he cleared a lot of warehouse space.

Why not treat your staff this year and at the same time free some cash and valuable space. The process of listing equipment is straight forward (it does pay to have any images to hand so you can readily attach them) – sell your surplus or redundant items.

Turning things around completely, another man’s surplus item could be exactly what you are after.  From unwanted raw material, a surplus stock of robots, that elusive spare part you could never find or even a injection moulding machine you might be surprised what you can find – view items currently for sale.