Some say hot air dryers have limited application as they are only effective for drying surface moisture from non-hydroscopic materials such as Polypropylene or Polystyrene.

They are not that effective when drying hydroscopic materials such as Nylon or ABS, as the ambient air is only heated up and still contains relative levels of moisture.

However, hot air dryers are ideal for pre-conditioning the material so that it enters the process machinery at a constant temperature. Thereby, removing the variable of ambient conditions, resulting in:

  • Improvement in surface finish
  • Eliminates/reduces silver streaks
  • Reduces the requirement of excessive holding and injection pressure
  • Delivers a consistent charging time and pressure

When selecting your hot air dryer, consider the following:

Is it insulated sufficiently so as to reduce heat loss and reduce energy consumption?

Is the contact surface Stainless steel for easy cleaning and reduce cross contamination when changing materials?

Is it easy to clean with an access door fitted?

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