Our next stop was at Nottingham based CMS UK Ltd.

CMS is a relatively new addition to PlastikCity, and we had little prior knowledge about their history.  We were also getting a little muddled with their name, as CMS is part of the SCM Group! With this prior knowledge, we found the impressive SCM Group building without difficulty.

CMS is an Italian company founded in 1969 and provides solution orientated machinery for a wide variety of markets.  This includes thermoforming and CNC trimming equipment for the plastics & composite sector.

CMS has more than 750 employees, a consolidated turnover of over €140 million, five international branches and a worldwide sales and service network.

In the UK CMS Industries are exclusively represented as a division under the umbrella of SCM Group UK Limited.  SCM operates in all five continents and employ more than 4,000 people worldwide.

CMS has been a growing presence in the UK market since 2002, providing solutions for different manufacturing sectors such as composites, stone, glass, metals, and plastics.  We met Daniel Long, Product Area Manager at their Nottingham facility.

We asked Daniel what specialist manufacturing areas were the company’s primary focus at present and over the coming 12-months?

“Our main focus at present is on Aerospace, Agricultural Machines, Automotive, Baths Shower Trays & Enclosures, Car Toppers, Earth Moving Machines, Healthware & Wellness, Motor Homes & Caravans, Refrigeration, Point of Sale, Suitcases, and Trains.  We are also working with companies producing long fibre composite material embedded with Thermoplastics for specialised applications.”

We asked Daniel what set CMS apart from their competitors?

“CMS’ mission is contained in its own name (Construction of Special Machines) and has always been to find, together with the customer, the most suitable production solution for their needs.

“We recognise our customers require more than just a basic thermoforming machine and have the necessary experience to provide complete turnkey solutions when required. This can include machine, software, tooling, extraction systems, complete installation, and comprehensive aftercare programme from our dedicated UK team based in the Nottingham office.

“CMS has always pushed the boundaries of thermoforming technology and so can tailor equipment with options such as:

  • Automatically adjustable window and clamp frames that dramatically reduce setup time and remove the need for different reduction frames
  • Automatic loaders and unloaders which reduce cycle times and manual procedures
  • Different heating elements such as ceramic, quartz and halogen to improve cycle times, further enhance product finish and reduce heavy energy consumption
  • High-pressure machinery for greater detail on the final products
  • Twin sheet machinery allowing the process of two separate sheets to be formed and welded together, with the possibility to include inner cores
  • CNC 3- and 5-axis machines for trimming of the plastic parts, beam saws and panel saws, and horizontal band saws specially designed for the removal of the thermoformed part from the sheets.

“The best references for our ability to provide a bespoke solution are the 9000 systems installed all over the world, the 54 patents we currently hold and our continuing commitment to product research and development.”

Look out for the next edition of ‘PlastikCity on Tour’ to learn more about our excellent UK based partners.

cms uk

+44 7741 660340