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PlastikCity On Tour – LVS Quality Measurement Services

Our next stop was at Telford based LVS Quality Measurement Services.

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PlastikCity On Tour – CMS UK

Our next stop was at Nottingham based CMS UK Ltd.

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PlastikCity on Tour – Renmar Plastics Machinery

Welcome to the second edition of PlastikCity on tour! Our next stop was at Wellingborough based Renmar Plastics Machinery.

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PlastikCity On Tour – The Automated Technology Group

Welcome to the first ever edition of PlastikCity on Tour! There are now over 200 active partners represented on the PlastikCity site. Our ambition has always been to have suppliers that cover EVERY product or service required by plastic manufacturers. As such, many of our partners are very specialised and not widely recognised in our industry. Our plan is to raise their profile in our sector.

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