Welcome to the first ever edition of PlastikCity on Tour! There are now over 200 active partners represented on the PlastikCity site. Our ambition has always been to have suppliers that cover EVERY product or service required by plastic manufacturers. As such, many of our partners are very specialised and not widely recognised in our industry. Our plan is to raise their profile in our sector.

During our everyday course of business, we’ll be making a point of visiting as many of these partners as we can and using the time to better understand what they offer the market. We’ll then showcase them through PlastikMedia News.

Our first ever official ‘PlastikCity on Tour’ visit was to The Automated Technology Group-Systems Division (ATG), A Wood Company. 

John Wood Group PLC (Wood) is probably one of the largest companies you won’t have heard of, with 60,000 employees in 400+ offices, in 60 countries.  ATG has five sites in the UK and employs over 500 people in its own right.

We met with Tim Bednall, Sales & Marketing Manager at ATG’s Systems Division in Northampton.  ATG are a relatively new member of the PlastikCity Automation Systems category, having identified the UK plastics sector as a key target market.

The company is a UK based global supplier of automation and robotics. Their focus within plastics is primarily handling and assembly processes, rather than product demoulding.  Automotive and industrial plastics specialists, as well as medical device manufacturers, are typical customers at present.

We asked Tim to summarise ATG’s USP’s and main services offered:

“The Systems Division specialises in the bespoke design and manufacture of special purpose machinery and its integration with new and existing equipment. The company employs mechanical and control system engineers with experience of machinery design to provide robotic and automated product handling solutions across a range of industries.

“We have a wealth of experience in the delivery of the complete project life cycle, from our helpful pre-sales support and initial workshops through to system handover and our comprehensive after-sales service.  This philosophy is applied to projects ranging from simple, small-scale systems to large and complex multi-platform solutions.”

We also asked about the company’s plans for the next 12 months:

“ATG will complete its full transition into the Wood group of companies, whilst continuing with our growth plans and development into new markets. We will be attending a number of UK exhibitions, including PPMA, Automation & Robotics and MedTech Ireland.”

Finally, we asked Tim if the company had an official or unofficial philosophy or mission statement:

“We advocate the three C’s:

Care: Working safely, with integrity, respecting and valuing each other and our communities.

Commitment: Consistently delivering to all our stakeholders.

& Courage: Pushing the boundaries to create smarter, more sustainable solutions.”

Look out for the next edition of PlastikCity on Tour to learn more about our excellent UK based partners.

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The Automated Technology Group
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