Our next stop was at Telford based LVS Quality Measurement Services.

We met with Stuart Windsor, the company’s Operations Director, at the Metrology Lab’s Stafford Park location. Stuart founded the company in 2015, together with fellow Director Simon Anderson.

Stuart was originally employed by LVS Small Plastic Parts as part of an initiative to attract tier-two companies within the automotive sector. His 20+ years’ experience in part measurement (metrology) and analysis proved to be invaluable in achieving this goal.

It shortly became apparent that both existing customers and other local manufacturers required a small, independent metrology and reporting service, so the decision was made to create LVS QMS Ltd. The company quickly grew in terms of both customer base and services provided, moving to larger premises in 2018.

Clients are now a mix of companies without their own in-house metrology department, or with their own facilities that are at full capacity. As well as a speciality in automotive plastics (with a number of tier-one clients), machined metal components and castings are catered for. Customers come from a diverse range of sectors that include Aerospace, Rapid Prototyping and Medical/Pharmaceuticals.

In addition to full CMM capability, the company offers digital microscopy, contour graphing and surface roughness analysis. The laboratory is climate controlled to 20 °C +/- 2°C and can provide full metrology reporting to support quality systems such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and VDO 6.3.

LVS QMS Reports

Some typical reports generated by contact and contactless measurement

Other specialities include reverse engineering from sample components and fixture verification. In addition to existing in-house contact and contactless measurement options, the company is currently evaluating a combined 3D Scanning and CMM unit that can be transported to a customers facility.

We asked Stuart what sets LVS QMS apart from their competitors?

We are small and flexible, working with all CAD formats and being happy to customise our reports to meet each clients needs. Customers can visit us for an initial assessment or ship parts to us. We typically quote within 24 hours and provide a 7-day turnaround.”

Finally, we asked Stuart if the company had a philosophy or ‘mantra’?

His response was immediate – “Every micron counts!

Look out for the next edition of ‘PlastikCity on Tour’ to learn more about our excellent UK based partners.

There are now well over 200 active partners represented on the PlastikCity site, many of which offer highly specialised products or services to our sector.

During our everyday course of business, we’ll be making a point of visiting as many of these partners as we can and using the time to better understand what they offer the market. We’ll then showcase them through this ongoing series of articles.

Maybe you can benefit from their services!


LVS Quality Measurement Services Ltd
+44 (0) 1952 327 639