Automation systems for plastic moulding are transforming production processes by enhancing efficiency, improving precision and consistency, and reducing costs. These automation systems, or automation cells, use advanced machinery and robotics to automate tasks once done manually, enabling continuous, high-volume production.

Choosing the right supplier for your automation cell or system is critical for manufacturers in the plastics industry aiming to improve their production capabilities and efficiency. This article highlights the top 4 suppliers of automation systems making a significant impact in the plastic moulding sector.

The top four rating is the view of the team at leading plastics industry resource, PlastikCity. All companies have been verified as follows:

  • Supply premium-quality equipment
  • Established a minimum of two years
  • Provide UK-based, reputable service support
  • Financially sound

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In alphabetical order:



Arburg’s robotic & automation systems for plastic moulding include the Multilift range of robots and the IPV integral servo pickers. From straightforward pick-and-place robot systems to bespoke, fully automated cells tailored to specific injection moulding requirements, Arburg ensures versatility and efficiency. Integration with Arburg’s injection moulding machine controllers simplifies operation, making these systems user-friendly for technicians.

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CNC Robotics


CNC Robotics is a leading robotic integrator specialising in advanced machining and large-format additive manufacturing solutions. The company has been pioneering the use of industrial robots, to improve the productivity of manufacturing and plastic moulding organisations worldwide since the company was founded in 2010.

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MA micro automation GmbH


MA micro automation GmbH are one of the leading international companies in the field of automation technology and special mechanical engineering. With over 200 employees, they create customised automation systems for plastic moulding solutions for various sectors, including medical technology and visual inspection. 

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PC Moulding & Automation


PC Moulding & Automation specialise in the automation of plastic injection moulding equipment. They can design and manufacture bespoke automation systems for plastics moulding using Solidworks, CADCAM and their in-house CNC machining facility in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Within their automation systems, PC Moulding & Automation can integrate lasers, routing systems and ultrasonic welding.

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Supporting Information

Automation systems and cells for plastic moulding are transforming manufacturing by boosting efficiency, precision, and consistency across production processes. With a rising demand for high-quality plastic components, these sophisticated systems are vital for industries such as automotive and consumer goods, where accuracy and large-scale production are critical.

In plastic moulding, automation systems streamline numerous production stages. For instance, in injection moulding, robots are responsible for tasks such as loading plastic pellets into machines, removing finished plastic parts, and performing post-processing operations like trimming and assembly. This automation not only accelerates the manufacturing process but also greatly reduces the risk of errors and defects, resulting in superior product quality.

Additionally, automation systems come equipped with advanced sensors and control technologies that monitor essential parameters like temperature, pressure, and moulding speed. This capability for real-time data collection and analysis allows manufacturers to optimise their processes, improving efficiency and reducing waste, which is essential for sustainable manufacturing practices.

By integrating automation systems, plastic moulding companies can also mitigate the challenge of labour shortages by decreasing the reliance on manual labour and improving safety in the workplace. This is particularly beneficial in high-volume injection moulding factories where the physical demands on workers are significant.

Overall, the use of automation systems for plastic moulding is a critical advancement in manufacturing, helping businesses stay competitive and meet market demands effectively.

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