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The Piovan Group is the worldwide leader in the field of auxiliary technologies for the diverse polymer industry. Piovan has more than 50,000 customers worldwide. Our equipment is backed by an extensive UK network of field-based service engineers including 24 hours 7 days per week support.


QUANTUM BATCH GRAVIMETRIC BLENDER High precision gravimetric blenders that radically change the way injection moulding machines and extruders are fed with blends of materials (virgin, recycled, masterbatch and additives). The unit is immune to vibrations and can be used with all plastic materials. The design allows for rapid material change and simplified cleaning. Its flexibility derives from two distinctive and unique characteristics: • Smooth stainless steel construction makes it suitable for all applications, including food, medical etc. • Every blender comes with up to 6 dosing stations, which can easily be removed for emptying or cleaning. The dosing stations can be used across all Quantum blenders in a factory. MDW BATCH GRAVIMETRIC BLENDERS Units can dose and weigh up to 8 granular materials, allowing selection of the most appropriate hopper capacities and dosing devices. The blenders can be combined with injection and blow moulding machines and extruders, covering production rates from 30 up to a maximum of 1800 kg/h. The powerful and quick control system guarantees an accuracy of ± 0.3%. Dosing percentages of 0.5% are possible with the slide gate device. The fast scanning software and quick adjustment of the blender’s functioning contribute to the blender’s immunity from the vibrations of the processing machine. The new mixer, with semi-spherical shape and the particular design of the shaft thoroughly mix the entire mass of granules, without preferential flows or material stagnation. MXP BATCH/LOSS-IN-WEIGHT GRAVIMETRIC BLENDERS The MXP gravimetric blenders combine in one single machine the advantages of batch dosing with the precise and rapid throughput adjustment of the loss-in-weight technology. MXP blenders can dose up to 6 components (virgin material, regrind, masterbatch and additives), with a total throughput of up to 1000 kg/h. They represent the ideal solution to satisfy the requirements for dosing and process control in the extrusion field, in particular in the production of single and multi-layer blown and cast films, and of pipes. The MXP dosers allow for elimination of wastage of raw material and ensure constant quality production. High precision and batch repeatability: • Resolution higher than 1/100 of a gram • No interruption of the extrusion process: it is possible to access the doser and modify the recipe, without stopping production.


All sectors within the Plastics Sector are catered for, including packaging, PET products, medical devices, compounding & extrusion and technical injection moulding.


Piovan’s extensive range of products includes: hopper loaders, material dryers, volumetric, gravimetric and weight loss blenders, granulators, thermo-regulators and Aquatech chillers and complete cooling systems. Bespoke centralised systems can be provided, including supervisory software that controls plant productivity. All products and systems are backed up by an extensive UK network of field based engineers, including 24 hour 7 days per week support.


We are happy to provide a survey of your site, this enabling us to establish how we could improve the efficiency of your current materials handling systems.

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