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Granulatorsare used for reducing the size of plastic waste such as runner systems or scrap components. This allows suitable material to be reprocessed. Smaller units can be located next to a processing machine. For example, to be fed a runner system by a robot or sprue-picker, this being processed and fed back into the machine in a closed loop system. Larger units can be used to meet the needs of a whole factory, able to process larger items. These centralised systems tend to be isolated from the rest of the production area, as noise levels can be high.

Shreddersare generally used to break down large items such as film bales, plastic purgings, automotive bumpers, pipes, profiles and even voluminous parts such as bins. In order to reuse the shredded material, it may first have to be granulated.

De-dusting & separation equipmentis used for separating light impurities or dust from re-processed material or granulated plastic. This is usually achieved during the conveying of material from granulators or shredders to storage.

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