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Temperature Control Units (TCUs)are used to control the temperature of a fluid that circulates around the channels that requires its internal temperature regulating. A good example would be an injection mould tool that contains ‘water-ways’. Most TCUs use water, hence they are sometimes also called water heaters. If they use a pressurised water system, temperatures can be increased from the standard ‘ceiling’ of around 90 degrees celsius, to around 140 degrees C. For higher temperatures, TCU’s that use oil as their circulated medium are capable of achieving around 350 degrees C.

Industrial chillersare used to reduce the temperature of water that is typically used for the cooling of moulds and/or the hydraulic circuits of processing machinery. In the case of moulds, chillers are used where it is necessary to remove excess heat, e.g. in order to achieve a fast cycle time when producing thin walled containers. The chiller uses refrigerants and a pumping system in order to maintain a pre-set temperature within a water circuit. Smaller units can be used for individual moulds and/or machines, whereas larger units can be used for a ‘ring-main’ type system.

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