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ISRA VISION - Vision Inspection Systems


ISRA VISION is a leading provider of technologies for industrial image processing (machine vision). As part of the Atlas Copco Group, a global leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, we offer an extensive range of solutions for surface inspection for plastic film and others materials


Quality inspection solutions for plastic film, foil & sheets

Our proven solutions for quality inspecton of plastic film, foils, and sheets offer our customers numerous advantages. They ensure the desired functionality and appearance of the product as well as your customer's quality requirements resulting in incrased confidence and customer satisfaction. Fast setup times provide a fast ROI, through incrased production due to reduce waste.

Our inspection systems are designed for a variety of applications:

  • all kind of plastic film and metalized foils, used in flexible packaging, medical packaging, optical film or even laminated safety glass interlayer
  • converting applicatins like coating, laminating, rewinding or slitting
  • battery applications from separator films, electrode coated films to even cell inspection
  • nonwovens & filtration materials
  • composites
  • and even printed films for flexible packaging.

The sytems are designed to inspect complex surfaces and detect defects which are hard to trace. Whether your product needs a reflection or transmission based inspection, darkfield or brightfield - we can tailor our systems with the right amount of cameras and illumination equipment based on your needs.


As a leading vision solutiosn provider and partner to global manufacturers, we understand the challenges machine and plant builders face when designing complex production lines. With state-of-the-art inspection technology seamlessly integrated into extrusion lines, machine builders can offer their end-customers significant benefits, such as easier implementation, time and cost savings, space savings, easier operation, avoidance of potential compatibility issues, increased efficiency, and a reduction of the need for complicated retrofits with an inspection system. 

The ISRA VISION SurfaceSTAR product series, designed specifically for OEMs, offers plug-and-play web inspection systems that integrate seamlesslyinto te extrusion lines. 


Production analytics - Data-driven production efficiency

The web-based production analytics platform EPROMI from ISRA VISION allows you to check the system status of all production lines at a glance or analyze production data in detail. With the quality management system, you analyze historical data, monitor current inspection data in real-time, and identify future trends in your production process.

Benefits of EPROMI:

  • Time-saving multi-line overviews, one view for all quality-related information
  • Minimize downtime by monitoring system health data
  • Faster reaction to quality issues with quality data monitoring
  • Fast elimination of production defects, reduction of production costs
  • Improved maintenance for reduced downtime, higher overall productivity and longer production line life



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