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Plastech provides a complete solution for medical, technical & packaging sectors,identifying machinery, moulds & services best suited to each application, to full aftersales support. All our quality products are designed to maximise output, reduce waste & minimise labour requirements.


Below are some examples of the product types that can benefit from our tailored vision inspection systems. Our software IntraVisualizer also helps to get a precise overview of the measurement results of all INTRAVIS systems simultaneously - presented as clear graphics. Data series and comparisons of certain periods or batches can also be created easily.

PREFORM INSPECTION: A comprehensive inspection is performed on each preform for many common defects as well as measurements taken in the areas of the thread, body and gate. Our systems can also read cavity numbers. The cavity number of each preform is read providing detailed cavity related statistics.

CLOSURES: The most common defects in closure production are contamination, flash, short shots and defects in the tamper-evident band. INTRAVIS systems detect these defects effortlessly. In addition, our quality inspections cover many more parameters, like colour, cavity number reading, print control, laser engravings, high voltage micro-hole test, diameter and ovality inspection.

PLASTIC BOTTLES: We quickly and reliably inspect your plastic bottles and containers for contamination, flash, dimensions, choked necks, holes and thin wall areas. Our systems are capable of inspecting smooth as well as structured areas.

CUPS & CONTAINERS: Whether you want to inspect PET, PE, PP or IML decorated objects, INTRAVIS is the expert in all applications. We supply manufacturers of various industries worldwide, to assist them in producing defect-free products. Our systems are capable of detecting the smallest holes, spots and colour deviations as well as holes and thin wall areas in layers.

LABELS: Our customers consist of many global players in the food, beverage, personal care and automotive industries. Moreover, we are capable of the strictest requirements of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We consider a huge range of inspection criteria such as presence, position, identity, double labels and print errors. It is even possible to read codes (e.g. barcodes, data matrix codes, batch codes) to always ensure the correct labelling of every object.


Since 1993 INTRAVIS offers high-quality vision inspection systems for the plastic packaging industry.


We can provide a complete solution for companies that are in the Packaging, Medical, Caps & Closures, Technical, Automotive and PET market sectors. We supply cost-effective equipment and services which are designed to help you make and save money.

  • Specialist production tooling
  • Process monitoring & total data capture systems
  • Automation systems, including full IML solutions


Our wide range of services include:

  • Professional training of your staff. In a personal and professional atmosphere, your employees will gain the necessary knowledge to use the INTRAVIS image processing software.
  • INTRAVIS service contracts. We offer several options for individual specialized service - take a look at our service contracts.
  • INTRAVIS – 24/7. By request, we are available 24/7 for you via our service hotline. In urgent cases, please contact our INTRAVIS Service Technicians who will be on route to your site within 24 hours.
  • INTRAVIS - Spare parts supply. Our availability to extensive spare parts in our warehouse helps us to replace many system components within a very short time.
  • Service-Check. Immaculate quality control? No problem! Within our annual service check, we ensure regular maintenance. We document the current status of the systems and give you recommendations on how to extend their life span and increase profitability.


Contact No. :01827 464848

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