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Tappex are specialists in the manufacture of threaded inserts for plastics and provide high-level technical advice and exceptional customer service. Our in-house applications engineers and technically qualified field-sales staff are here to help our customers achieve cost-effective solutions.


Tappex prides itself on its technical advisory service and its in-house team of technical sales & application specialists that have provided cost-effective solutions for fastener applications. Throughout the world, Tappex sees itself as a major resource for customers to solve inserts-fastening problems rather than simply being a fastener supplier.

Tappex has an extensive range of brass threaded inserts and steel threaded inserts for plastics, woods & composite materials that includes more than 24 standard variations from M1.4 to M30, for use in all grades of thermoplastic, thermoset, structural foams, composite materials and threaded inserts for light metal alloy-specific thread insert design.



Vehicle interiors, exterior plastic-trim components and ‘under bonnet’ sub-assemblies (typically manufactured from injection moulded, vacuum formed or composite lay-ups) all require the application of Tappex® fastening solutions: Himoulds®, Triserts®, Multiserts® , steel threaded inserts for metal-alloys Trisert-3® . Additionally, Tappex also manufacture Compression Limiters which reduce the effects of ‘creep’ in thermoplastic mouldings, over time / elevated temperatures by providing ‘metal-to-metal’ contact along the axis of the bolted-joint and so resisting excessive application-tightening torques & resultant assembly joint-loads.

Under bonnet thermoplastic / composite material applications: injection-moulded manifolds, covers, ECU & fluid-pump enclosures. Often these applications require higher tensile strength performance from mechanical fasteners to cope with point of vehicle assembly installation torques. Tappex solution: forged steel SplayMoulds® installed by moulding-in and specified to 8.8 grade tensile strength.

OEM body-in-white / driver controls / Electro-mechanical assemblies are frequently specified with Tappex® threaded inserts for thermoplastics and, for more critical applications, patented Trisert-3® family of steel threaded inserts. Tappex® offer also to ‘vision sort’ fasteners using bespoke optical / laser-based equipment.


Demanding, precision-engineered solutions, from Tappex® typically as a tier-2 / 3 component supplier, for a variety of aircraft applications including: business & 1st-class seating, toilet & kitchen installations that use composite glass & increasingly carbon-fibre, laminated constructions – Tappex® Trisert-3® stainless steel threaded inserts (303 & 316 grades) in either metric or imperial threads.

Bespoke customer specifications supplied also include 2D & 3D rapid prototypes, design guidance & in-house mechanical tests supporting the specification of threaded inserts even for satellite-equipment hardware applications.

Consumer Goods

Sometimes referred to as ‘brown & white’ goods; typical applications for brass threaded inserts. Tappex® extensive range of brass threaded inserts for thermoplastics includes: for moulding-in HiMoulds®, self-threading Triserts® and Thermserts® for post-mould, ‘quick fit’ press-in installation.


Serving both OEM’s and their contract moulding / sub-assembly manufacturing operations. Tappex® can support low volume applications with its comprehensive range of brass thread inserts: HiMoulds®, Multiserts® or Triserts® along with bespoke Tappex® installation tooling for either manual or semi-automated placement (Electrically or Pneumatics activated).

Machine Tools

For many years Tappex® have supplied both brass female and male threaded inserts for Thermoplastics ‘compression-moulding’ whether in-mould or post-mould application For critical industrial / hydraulics / rotating machinery applications with a background of high vibration, Tappex® Pin-Lok steel threaded inserts offer features to ensure no loosening and maximum security when installed.

Parts for safety critical applications are often ‘vision sorted’ to check compliance with customer specific size / feature requirements.

Tappex® Threaded inserts are specified in metric, unified and also British Standard forms i.e. BSW/BSP/BA.


Whether for commercial, rescue, leisure or submersible-craft, Tappex® provide high-quality fastening solutions, backed up by comprehensive ‘in-house’ technical knowledge to meet the application demands: interiors, structure or external-mounted equipment.

Specifically Trisert-3® threaded inserts in either 303, 316 grade stainless steel and now Titanium (Ti5 grade) for exterior fitments / installation; brass inserts Multiserts® for navigation buoys & boat-interiors, Foamserts® self-threading inserts for interior wooden furniture and trim items, as well as the MultiRiv® Rivetnut designed for composite-materials & GRP panels (low force/wide grip-range rivetnut).

Medical Equipment

We supply both brass & stainless steel (303 & 316 grades) press-in and self-threading brass & stainless-steel thread inserts for plastics to SMC processors, for example: ‘Body scanner’ applications.

‘Ventilator equipment ‘ used for: anaesthesia delivery; airway management; suction control and oxygen therapy.

Tappex® thread inserts are specified for RIM moulding processes; both standard & customer-special threaded inserts are available as well as for 2D & 3D rapid prototyping.


For exacting performance requirements & technical support, Tappex® serve many different motorsport categories including Formula One with threaded inserts (now including high strength / low weight variants machined from Titanium), compression limiters and special rivet nuts Whether for composites, vacuum-form, GRP, machined thermosets, light metal alloy constructions and increasingly 2D & 3D rapid prototypes, Tappex® threaded inserts have been the professional choice for over 30 years.


Composite panels and infusion moulded bespoke parts fastened with Tappex® in-mould and post mould brass threaded inserts; passenger carriage furniture is frequently specified with our brass Foamserts® thread inserts for woods and high-density foams alike.

Interior packaging, passenger carriage constructions, window frames and door/access (aluminium fabrications), fastened by Tappex® thread inserts, engineered for reliability and long life including Trisert-3® thread inserts in both case hardened steel & stainless versions (metric sizes 3 – 12mm along with unified & male geometry variants).


Many global customers and network’s applications served by Tappex® for injection-mouldings, aluminium die-castings, aluminium machined parts (equipment racking) as well as GRP enclosures being fastened together with our brass Triserts® & stainless steel Trisert-3® thread inserts.

Both on the ground and in satellite orbit around the earth, Tappex® thread inserts are to found holding vital functional parts together in demanding & occasionally remote environments!



The ElecArm® utilises a robust vertical support column, horizontal-sliding balance arm with spring support and fitted with an electrically powered torque-settable screwdriver. The screwdriver runs on 230/240v mains and is available in 5 torque ranges from 0.29Nm up to 25Nm value.


The Tappex FlexiArm® installation equipment consist of 1-3 individual pantograph arm(s) with a Desoutter pneumatic screwdriver(s) attached to each. The screwdriver can be specified with either manual or automatic reverse torque-clutch control and normally operates @ either 510 rpm or 1,100rpm depending upon the thread insert's size and the material into which it is being installed.

Hand Installation Tools

Tappex have responded to market demands and developed a new and improved range of 031 Hand Installation Tools for use with the Trisert and Trisert-3 inserts in thread sizes from M2 to M10, these come complete with an alignment bush.


ISO9001, ISO14001



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