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Formed in 1988 we are the sole UK/Ireland agent for the market-leading GUNTHER Hot Runner Systems, KNARR mould components and ancillaries, conformal cooling specialists CONTURA-MTC and machined mould base supplier FERROFACTA. We offer full technical support for applications across all industries.


Gunther Hot Runner Systems are a world-renowned manufacturer of technically innovative open gate, valve gate and side gate systems for part weights with direct gating from 0.004g.

  • All nozzles are backed up by the patented and proven bi-metallic titanium shaft technology which ensures a very homogenous temperature profile, minimises heat loss from hot runner to mould tool and which also protects against material leakage.
  • Our energy-saving BlueFlow® range of nozzles, as well as being smaller in diameter, use up to 58% less energy than other systems on the market.
  • Innovative gate inserts for valve gate systems ensure excellent gate quality and eliminate the need to repair cavity inserts in case of wear/damage - a big step forward in valve gate technology
  • Valve gate systems with either single cylinder or plate actuation can be driven hydraulically, pneumatically or by electric servo drive
  • We offer a number of side gate options including our OktaFlow® range with up to 8 replaceable tips per nozzle, ideal for high cavitation moulds
  • Systems for micro moulding with very small pitch centres and direct gating of parts from 0.004g
  • Homogenous temperature profile means we are market leaders in the processing of technically challenging high-temperature polymers such as PEEK, PSU, PEI, LCP etc
  • Full hot half Full technical advice, support and service available in the UK and Ireland.


  • Medical/pharma
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Electronic
  • Aerospace
  • Household
  • Building
  • Micro Moulding of parts from 0.004g
  • Engineering materials
  • Multi-component moulds
  • High cavitation moulds


  • Technical advice/consultation
  • On line hot runner design – CADHOC
  • Online application database - search for projects we have done relevant to your application
  • Installation and mould trial attendance
  • Pressure loss and mould simulations


In addition to Gunther, in the UK we are also the agents for:

  • Knarr Mould Components - standard and special mould components including mould bases, pins, blades, pillars and bushes, date stamps etc. Knarr are a specialist in slides and collapsible cores for undercuts and threads.
  • Conformal Cooling from Contura - specialist design and manufacture of inserts for fast cycling moulds and to eliminate weld lines etc. Variothermal also available.
  • Ferrofacta - manufacture and very fast delivery of high quality mould bases to your models and drawings. A 4 week turnaround is the norm!


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Contact No. :01474 879774

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