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CyPull & CyBlock range of locking cylinders, AHP Merkle: Range of hydraulic cylinders for all mould tool applications. Ermanno Balzi: Range of innovative mould components including water plugs & dynamic gas venting valves. Servomold. Servo-driven components for Mould tools, tunnel gate inserts.




CYPULL This range of locking cylinders is designed for use with moving side cores on mould tools. Once locked the cylinders hold far higher forces than conventional cylinders, without the need to maintain hydraulic pressure. The HS version locks with preload. The HDD and HSD versions are for pressure die-cast moulds. CYBLOCK Based on the successful CyPull cylinder, the CyBlock is a locking cylinder with a body design the same as a conventional block cylinder. This allows easy mounting and adjusting to the mould tool. AHP MERKLE specialises in the production of hydraulic block cylinders and standard cylinders. There is a large range of different models with a variety of switching options. They are ideal for incorporating into mould tools as well as special purpose machines. In addition, AHP Merkle’s range of block cylinders gives the tool designer the ability to modify the stroke to suit the design. OTHER CYTEC PRODUCTS As well as locking cylinders Cytec produce a range of clamping and coupling devices which have found many applications for system automation whether in the plastic moulding industry or car production plants. Cytec also works closely with the machine tool industry with the patented range of 2 Axis Direct Drive Milling Heads (CyMill), Motor Spindles (CySpeed) and Direct Drive Rotary Tables (CyTurn). Ermanno Balzi: Range of innovative mould components . Servomold. Servo-driven components for Mould tools. Unscrewing systems. 


  • Tool making, clamping and coupling systems, system automation and machine tools.
  • Automation and Handling, Motion picker & Motion liner.


Cytec Systems have been trading in the UK and Ireland since 1997 and we have grown into one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders to the mould and die industry, supplying a wide range of locking cylinders for use in core pulling applications. We also supply a wide range of clamping systems and are the UK distributor for the AHP Merkle range of hydraulic block and standard cylinders. In 2016 we were appointed agents for Ermanno Balzi product range of innovative mould components including water plugs & dynamic gas venting valves. We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed distributors of Servomold for the UK market. Servomold have over the last 10 years built up a lot of know-how on the use of servo drives in injection mould tools and their integration into the moulding machine. Founded in 2011 they merged with I mould in 2017 and have become the leading supplier of system solutions for the realisation of servo-electric and linear movements in injection mould tools. From single threads in technical plastic parts, linear slides and core puller movements, to multi-cavity cap moulds- they have the servo-electrical alternative for every injection mould.


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