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Bausano, in partnership with Intelicare in the UK & Ireland, is a family company designing and producing innovative extrusion and recycling lines for plastics processing. For more than 70 years, Bausano have continually pursued new technology and put the customer at the heart of everything they do.


Downstream equipment for pipes:

Single or double output heads

Each extrusion head is manufactured to meet the specific needs and process parameters of each processed material and desired final product. They are equipped with interchangeable pins and bushings to speed up the change of measurement and of special spokes, designed to optimise the flow of the thermoplastic material.

Completely thermoregulated both externally and internally and made of chromed or stainless steel, the heads can be single or double output with a predisposition for co-extrusion with one or more auxiliary inputs.

Calibration bench

Manufactured according to the product characteristics and made of stainless steel, it ensures the total absence of corrosion and allows for maximising extrusion pipe productivity.

Cooling bench

Designed for cooling of pipes with a diameter up to 1,000 mm, it allows reaching high extruded material linear speeds, ensuring the maximum dimensional stability.

The ease of adjustment on 3 axes and the motor-driven longitudinal movement allows a quick and precise positioning during machining.

Take off unit

Take off pipes with 2, 3 or 4 tracks, with flat and shaped rubber pads, complete the lines.

Take off units

Special units with useful pick-up devices in length and width are able to meet any special needs.

Cutting unit

Modular and ergonomic unit, provided with automatic pneumatic movement that does not require manual operation for adjustments such as cut length, trolley forward and backward speed.

Downstream equipment for profiles:

Single or double output extrusion and co-extrusion head

Each extrusion head is manufactured to meet the specific needs and process parameters of each processed material and desired final product.

Calibration and cooling bench

Designed to reach high extruded material linear speeds and ensure dimensional stability, with a reduction in water and electricity consumption up to 50%.

Centralised control panel

The operator controls the whole line, remaining near the production line: this is a great benefit for production control.

Take off unit

The take off units that complete the profile extrusion lines are sturdy and very reliable. Provided with a track closure system with pneumatic adjustment, they are available with special shape pads and tracks, according to the type of extruded profile.

Vertical cutters

High-speed vertical cutters for small- and medium-sized profiles complete the profile line.

Horizontal cutter

Longitudinal transfer horizontal cutters for profiles greater than 300 mm, provided with automatic pneumatic movement that does not require manual operator interventions, complete the profile lines.

Downstream equipment for granules:

Filter changer

The filter changer allows reusing, through granulation, all the plastic materials from scraps or post-consumer – such as PVC, PE, PP, PC and ABS – removing any contaminants. Designed for the special needs of companies operating in plastic material regeneration, the Bausano automatic hydraulic filter changers can be installed directly on the cylinder end and connected to all our standard granulation heads. A warning light with an acoustic signal activated by the material pressure warns the operator when the filter must be replaced.

Granulation heads

Developed based on the customer's production needs, they are designed to achieve optimal distribution on the cutting plate and to facilitate opening and cleaning operations, reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

Side air cutter

The TGL/2 is a cutter with non-coaxial cutting blades with respect to the granulation head. This construction feature allows us to always keep the blade surface temperature low, preventing the decomposition of any processed material residues.

Front air cutter

The Bausano granulation system is composed of a front cutter, complete with a guard for forced air circulation and a soundproofed fan. The cut granule is conveyed through stainless steel pipes up to the cooler where a cooled cyclone with double air gap separates air and fumes.

Front water cutter

Bausano offers a series of submerged or liquid ring water cuts, able to satisfy the most varied needs of its customers.

Cooling unit

Granule cooling is carried out on holed stainless steel sheet surfaces through a forced air circulation generated by vertical flow valves, fitted in the machine base. Wall-mounted filters, fitted outside the base, ensure an air flow with no contamination. The alternating movement of the surfaces is generated by proper counter-rotating mass vibrators, allowing a uniform distribution of granules, with subsequent optimisation of the useful cooling surface.


Pipes Profiles WPC Medical Granulation/compound


  • Engineers are available 24/7
  • All spare parts are manufactured in-house and are extensively available for immediate dispatch
  • Consultation service
  • Close collaboration with tooling manufacturers
  • Complete after sales care
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Numerous open house events throughout the year



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