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INPROS SRL - Rotary Platens & Secondary Injection Units


INPROS rotary tables are available in hydraulic or electric drive versions. Tables are supplied complete with 2 outlets & 2 inlets for oil, plus 2 outlets & 2 inlets for cooling water. Standard table height does not exceed 190 mm and fixing holes are to EUROMAP 2 specification.


Hydraulic or electric rotary tables up to 3500 mm diameter, suitable for any application in bi-material/bi-injection process, rotation cycle alternate 0-180° or continuous 0-120-240°/0-90-180-270°. The actuator of the electric version consists of a servomotor controlled by absolute encoder and driven by inverter, while in the hydraulic version, the actuator is a hydraulic motor controlled by proportional valve. A hydraulic power unit can be provided in case of hydraulic supply outlet unavailability on the press. Distribution inlets and outlets are placed on table side, instead of the classic solution at the centre and behind the moving platen towards the ejection plate. In standard version, the tables are designed for 2 positions moulding, but 3 or 4 positions are available on demand. Tables are supplied in standard version complete with 2 outlets and 2 inlets for oil, plus 2 outlets and 2 inlets for cooling water. Additional lines for compressed air or gas are available on demand. Fixing holes for moulds are in compliance with EUROMAP2 standard; electric connections are according to EUROMAP12 or 67 specification. Both in electric and in hydraulic version the motor can be placed in any of the 4 sides of the platen, and/or in frontal position Additional holes for mould centering are available on requestTables height does not exceed 190 mm. in standard configuration; average cycle time is 1.5 seconds for tables up to 900 mm diameter and 4 seconds maximum for bigger sizes.


We supply our products to injection moulding companies with a wide range of specialities.


We also supply- • Stand-alone independent auxiliary injection units in hydraulic, hybrid or fully electric versions, range up to EUROMAP 5400, to be fitted on any injection moulding press in any position for bi-material/co-injection or for machine overhaul. • Auxiliary injection units to be installed directly on moulds, range up to EUROMAP 680. • full electric injection units for high precision and repeatability of low weight plastic parts. Suitable for fitting on any machine or directly onto the mould. • special solutions for co-injection both in sequential or overlapped injection cycle. • Mechanically driven automatic nozzles, filter and mixing nozzles. • Hydraulic control units for sequential nozzles, core pullers, customized sequences in moulding process. • Steam heating units for moulds. • Highly customized injection moulding machines with horizontal and/or vertical clamping system, multi-injection, rotary multi-stations, with rotary or sliding platens for inserts, health applications, injection blow moulding etc.


INPROS R&D and Technical Department supplies engineered machines and applications together with documentation according to current regulations



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