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Est. 1993, Polymer Compounders increased the products it offers to include ABS, PC, PC/ABS, ASA injection moulding engineering thermoplastics. Rapid colour matching, tailored materials, technical support, first-class quality, flexible order quantities and super-fast delivery from Durham, UK.


ABSCOM® (ABS Polymer Compounds)

ABSCOM® is our registered trade name for ABS polymer products, compounds of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. ABS resins are opaque, glossy, and rigid with good low-temperature properties and dimensional stability. By playing on the proportion of the main components and by adding additives such as flame retardant, heat and UV stabilisers and various pigments, we are able to deliver a range of products to suit your needs. Our ABS compound grades (ABSCOM®) are used in many industries such as the automotive, leisure and hygiene sectors.

Popular grade choices include:

  • S105 (Easy Flow Injection Moulding Grade)
  • F350 ( "          "         "              "             "    )            
  • S130GHR (High Impact Injection Moulding Grade)
  • T4060 (High Heat Injection Moulding Grade)
  • FR1000 (Flame Retardant Injection Moulding Grade)
  • SE180 (Extrusion Grade)

More detailed data sheets for each grade can be found here.

ASACOM™ (ASA Polymer Compounds)

ASACOM™ is our trade name for Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) compounds which we can offer with a range of properties and colours. ASA products are characterised by excellent resistance to weathering, both in terms of mechanical properties and colours. As such, our ASA polymer grades are widely used for leisure and outdoors applications as well as in the automotive industry. Our ASA polymer grades additionally offer exceptional weatherable properties, including gloss and colour retention. If you require something tougher that still retains the exceptional weathering performance of our ASACOM™ product range, then our PC-ASACOM™ grade S9470 will be an excellent fit for your application. Combining Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate properties with the strength benefits of polycarbonate.

Popular grade choices include:

  • S5000 (General Purpose ASA Injection Moulding Grade)
  • S9500-10 ( "             "           "       "                "           "    )
  • S9500 (General Purpose PC-ASA Grade)
  • S9470 (      "            "              "            "   )

More detailed data sheets for each can be found here.

PC-ABSCOM™ (PC/ABS Polymer Compounds)

Our PC-ABSCOM™ products are blends of Polycarbonate and ABS. By playing on the proportion of the main components and by adding additives such as flame retardant, heat, UV stabilisers and pigments, we are able to deliver a range of products to suit your needs. The use of PC ABS resins is recommended for thin-wall applications. Our PC/ABS compound grades (PC-ABSCOM) are frequently used in the automotive industry.

Popular grade choices include:

  • B200C (General Purpose PC/ABS Injection Moulding Grade)
  • B200    ("                  "              "             "           "               "   )
  • B300    ("                  "              "             "           "               "   )
  • B100A  ("                  "              "             "           "               "   )
  • B1000 (Flame Retardant PC/ABS Injection Moulding Grade)

More detailed data sheets for each can be found here.

PC-COM™ (Polycarbonate Polymer Compounds)

PC-COM™ is our trade name for polycarbonate products which we can offer with a range of properties and colours. Polycarbonate products are characterised by high impact strength and good temperature resistance. The resins can be opaque or transparent. Our polycarbonate compounds (PC-COM) are used mainly in the automotive and lighting industries. Popular polycarbonate polymer choices for these types of applications include our: PC 422 and PC 415 grades.

Popular grade choices include:

  • PC415 (General Purpose Polycarbonate Injection Moulding Grade)
  • PC422-50 ("            "                  "                    "            "              "   )
  • PC410      ("            "                  "                    "            "              "   )
  • PC3032 (Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Grade)

More detailed datasheets for each can be found here.

Notoxicom® (Halogen and Aryl Ester free flame retardant polymers compounds)

Notoxicom® is our registered tradename for specialist halogen and aryl ester-free flame retardant polymers. What makes these materials so special is that they retain industry-leading performance, whilst being much less toxic products. Within this range, we have polymers to suit many applications, from battery casings to state-of-the-art medical devices. Over time it is expected that the Notoxicom® family of products will grow further to support the innovation of our customers. Currently, we have two main grades within the range to choose from; they are Notoxicom® B6000 (FR PC/ABS) and Notoxicom® S6000 (FR PC/ASA).

Popular grade choices include:

  • B6000 (FR PC/ABS) Flame Retardant Injection Moulding Grade
  • S6000 (FR PC/ASA) Flame Retardant Injection Moulding Grade)

More detailed data sheets for each can be found here.


Automotive & Transportation

PCL’s excellent product consistency, fast colour matching, flexibility in the ordered quantity and short lead time is extremely attractive to the Automotive & Transportation industry. PCL is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and thanks to our thorough physical and analytical testing capability, we are able to support OEMs and Tier-1s in their material selection.

Most of the applications in this sector use our high-heat ABSCOM® grades, our PC/ABSCOM™ or our ASACOM™ products, either for interior or exterior use, allowing for paint elimination when desired. This is one of our key growth areas, and we are trusted by some of the bigger names in the industry. Please contact us and tell us how we can help.

Lighting, Building & HVAC

All our products are manufactured with strict colour tolerances and consistent gloss levels.

Hygiene and Personal Care

We offer products which are chemically resistant to most household liquids.

Leisure and Outdoor Equipment

Our products are developed to have excellent weatherability in terms of colours and mechanical properties, therefore perfect for outdoor use.

For additional information on the types of areas we specialise in, please visit:


Within Polymer Compounders Limited, we have a complete Design and Test Laboratory which aids in our development of unique materials and grade types. Additionally, we are always open to talking with you to ensure that what you are going to order will perfectly fit your specifications.


Application Development

We can help you with new product design and material selection. Our technical team has a thorough knowledge of polymers and continually explore product and technical innovations to enable you to benefit from better technical and aesthetic performance or productivity. Discussing your project from its conception allows the selection of the most appropriate resin for the end-use application and your manufacturing process.

Colour Matching

A full-colour matching service, including plaques or samples, is available. We know how critical it is for you to be able to approve your new colour quickly, and we offer a very fast turnaround.

Technical Support

We can help you test and analyse your materials or troubleshoot issues that may arise during your process. Our well-equipped laboratory is able to measure colour, polymer structure and composition as well as mechanical, thermal and flammability properties. We also have links with external institutions in order to increase our testing and analysis capacity.

For additional information on the types of areas we specialise in, please visit:


ISO 9001:2015 Certified, Cogent Gold Standard Certificate, WRAS. Plastics Industry Awards Finalists: 2016-2019.


Depending on requirements, customers can choose from 25-kilo bags, all the way up to FIBCs or Octabins.



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Contact No. :+44 (0)191 378 3737

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