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Summit Recycling offer extensive experience in the recycling market; we pride ourselves on the ability to offer sustainable solutions for your unused materials.Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations,we align with the principles of a circular economy benefiting your business & environment


Polymer Compounds Highlights

Summit Recycling is a dynamic force in the recycling industry, with a unique and multifaceted approach to plastic sustainability. Our expertise extends beyond recycling to encompass the entire lifecycle of plastic materials. By sourcing polymer compounds from trusted suppliers across the UK, we champion the reduction of environmental impact and promote the responsible use of plastics. Summit Recycling provides full traceability from "cradle to cradle" and offer recycled content reports for each grade. Our diverse polymer offerings, including filled, modified, and 100% recycled polymers compounds, give businesses a wide range of options to meet their specific needs.


Recycled Compounds Sourcing

By procuring recycled compounds, we play a vital role in closing the loop of the plastic lifecycle. These compounds are derived from both post-industrial and post-consumer materials.

Recycled Content Reports

We offer a recycled content report for each grade we provide. These reports can help clients showcase their sustainability efforts to their customers and stakeholders, enhancing their eco-friendly image.

Full Traceability

Summit Recycling can trace the entire journey of the recycled materials, from the initial source through processing and eventual reuse, ensuring that the materials meet high sustainability standards.

Diverse Polymer Offerings

Offering filled, modified, and 100% recycled polymers provides clients with a wide array of choices to meet their specific requirements. This versatility allows businesses to select the most suitable materials for their projects

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Working with recycled compounds often results in cost savings and supports a more sustainable supply chain, aligning with the circular economy concept.

Sustainability Partner

By providing recycled compounds, traceability, and reporting, we empower clients to achieve their sustainability goals, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a more eco-conscious industry.


Total Waste Management Highlights

Waste materials can be a minefield sometimes, and understanding the waste regulations is often a full-time job which can be a costly and time-consuming exercise.
It's not just a regulatory concern, but also a responsibility towards the environment. Summit Recycling offer a comprehensive Total Waste Management solution for all your waste materials.

Toll Buy Back Highlights

At Summit Recycling, we're not just a recycling service – we're your partner in sustainability. Our Toll Buy Back Service is designed to elevate your dedication to environmental responsibility by seamlessly reintegrating recycled materials into your production processes.


Recycling Trade Highlights

With over 25 years in the recycling trade, Summit Recycling is a trusted leader in plastic recycling. Operating across the UK, our dedicated team buys and sells scrap plastic with a commitment to cradle-to-cradle service. We offer extensive expertise in plastic grades, ensuring full traceability and ethical treatment of materials. Contact us today to explore how we can meet your recycling needs.


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