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VEKA is the world’s largest manufacturer of extruded PVCu profiles with subsidiaries in over 40 countries. Our multi-component mixing plant can produce customer specific PVCu compound formulations, and our 32 high capacity, high speed extrusion lines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


VEKA plc provides world-class trade extrusion services for rigid PVCu profiles nationally, all from our 30-acre site in Burnley, Lancashire.

Our 32 high capacity, high speed extrusion lines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our advanced on-site laboratory and fully automated multi-component mixing plant enables us to test and formulate customer specific formulations.

All of our lines are screw fed directly from 5 silos of pre-mixed material ensuring zero risk of contamination.

We can provide multiple PVCu grades and colours, as well as on-line embossing, lamination (foiling) and secondary operations.

VEKA plc can extrude using customer's existing tooling, with down-stream conversion services where necessary, or we can work with you to develop and manufacture new tooling in-house.

Our substantial warehouse capacity means that we provide stockholding for higher volume demands.


VEKA plc has substantial extrusion capacity for high volume customers.

Our co-extrusion technology allows the use of recycled material within the core of the profile while retaining a virgin skin for UV performance.

We can also extrude products using 100% recycled material, sourced from our partner VEKA recycling and supporting our sustainability ambitions.

We have 8 lamination (foiling) lines on-site, and we offer colour and woodgrain foils from Renolit, Hornschuh (Continental) and VEKA's own unique SPECTRAL surface coating technology.

Our lamination facility is temperature and humidity regulated for optimum quality, plus we have a dedicated line that can foil single lengths of profile for fast-track emergencies.

Product is laboratory tested on site every 2 hours to the global "VEKA Standard", which far exceeds the standard BSI test standards, and all data is logged on our global database for maximum traceability.

VEKA's global extrusion expertise and renowned premium quality provides our customers with supply-chain and cost certainty.


VEKA provides full tooling manufacture and maintenance facilities on-site.

Calibrators are measured to micron level and computer databased, with wear rates monitored to help maximise tooling life.

All tools are completely stripped, cleaned, maintained and rebuilt after every single extrusion run.

Every batch mixed is tested and is fully traceable right back to the individual ingredient batch and supplier.

Our wide range of extrusion machinery offers capacity from 80kg/hour up to 500kg/hour, with line speeds of up to 5m/minute.

Our in-house technical team have full CAD facilities with no less than three 3D printers for fast design and prototyping.


  • Rigid PVCu profiles in any solid colour
  • Laminated (foiled) PVCu profiles
  • Co-extruded rigid PVCu incorporating recycled core with virgin skin
  • 100% recycled extrusion


  • VEKA plc offers super-fast production and delivery turnaround - typically order on day 1 for delivery on day 3.
  • Reliable deliveries on our own national fleet.
  • For larger volume customers we have extensive warehousing capacity for stockholding by prior agreement.



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