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Injection moulding expertise, from prototype to production Welcome to HPM. With 20 years’ experience in injection moulding – for clients across most industry sectors – we’re ideally placed to meet your manufacturing needs. However big (or small) the challenge.


At HPM, we’re dedicated to supplying quality products and services, delivered to strict timeframes and focused around our customers’ needs. Our expertise in injection moulding means that not only can we handle all types of thermoplastics and advanced polymers, we can also help you design your products to take full advantage of each materials’ properties.

Quality and innovation are at the heart of our business. That’s why, whether we’re working on short runs, product development or continuous production, we apply the same rigorous standards of control. We take advantage of the latest technologies when it comes to our equipment. And all our technicians receive continuous in-house training to ensure we’re always bringing you the most advanced production techniques available.

Reliability is essential to our customers. We recognise the benefits of maintaining industry-recognised quality controls, and BSI (British Standards Institute) has certified our quality control systems to EN ISO 9002. We also offer additional controls, including destructive testing.


Metal Injection Moulding.

Bringing together two established manufacturing processes, ‘Metal Sintering’ and ‘Injection Moulding’, has resulted in an exciting new manufacturing process called ‘Metal Injection Moulding’ (MIM).

Our MIM facility allows us to supply you with medium and large quantities of complex metal parts at very competitive prices. These are moulded and sintered metal components with properties near to wrought material; typically >98% density is achieved. Parts can be further enhanced by polishing, plating, heat treating, painting, whatever you would have done with a machined component.

The MIM process is geared to producing close tolerance complex items, in a wide range of metal materials. Stainless and non-stainless steels are available, also steel alloys and nickel-ferrous grades. Tool steels and hardened steels are also available. All these materials are processed in exactly the same way, resulting in finished parts with properties similar or superior to machined or cast parts.

Components are usually manufactured ‘ready for use’, finished to drawing with no addition machining or finishing required. Tight tolerances are achievable, with complex features being ‘moulded in’ as they would be in a plastic moulding. Indeed, the most cost effective MIM part is often the most complex.

The key to making this process work for you is to design your part the same way as you would for plastics. Incorporating as many features and as much functionality into the part as you can, often combining a number of components into one functional design. Utilising the strength of metal linked to the shape forming of plastic.

Because the shape-forming is injection moulding most designers can readily grasp the potential of MIM. The opportunity to incorporate pleasing and aesthetic organic shapes into your designs can often set your product apart from your competitor. A definite marketing advantage.

Moulding and Manufacturing Assembly and Testing.

Development in supply chain management has meant that our customer’s needs have changed. Many companies’ now look for suppliers who can manufacture and source components and assemble them. Often those assemblies sub-assemblies need testing.

HPM has embraced this change. We have dedicated skilled staff for Assembly and Testing, and can take a project from concept to inception, and volume manufacturing.

Taking components from our own manufacturing facilities and combining them with bought-out parts we produce and test sub-assemblies as a service to customers.

We manage all inventory issues. Sourcing either from our own supply chain or adopting your preferred suppliers we control materials flow and batch control. Organizing timed supplies means that we have certified assemblies to delivery to you when you need them.

We are capable of supplying complete product ranges. From the manufacture and sourcing of components, through assembly and test and finally packing and labeling, we take control all the way.

For sensitive products, such as medical devices, we operate a LOT control. Compiling and keeping records from all components and for final despatched quantities. Traceability is assured.

Amongst our current products, we assemble and test ~ Dental instruments and devices ~ Automotive sub-assemblies ~ Defence products ~ Aerospace sub-assemblies etc.

We have sources for Turning ~ Plating ~ Painting ~ Pressings ~ Fasteners ~ Tube ~ Silicone and many more.
Call us today for more information about Metal Injection Moulding and how it could help your company.




Prototype and Development.

From little acorns great oaks grow.

By looking after your prototyping and development needs we help and encourage you to bring market leading products to life.

Our toolmaking services and development moulding capabilities allow you to have production-intent parts at a fraction of the cost. We maintain a stock of development tools of various sizes. This means your prototyping costs are kept low ~ you just pay for the cavity blocks.

When it comes to moulding development components we offer a “fixed price” service. A standard charge is made for setting up your prototype tool and an agreed quantity of parts are produced in your choice of material. Additional materials can also be added for development purposes. Your costs are fixed ~ you know what you are getting.

By selecting the correct metals for development tooling we can accommodate almost any amount of form changes. “Soft” tooling sometimes needs to be quite hard, especially for developing products in polymers like PEEK. Correct heating of development tools is also vital.

The best development is always done after consultation and we are happy to spend time talking through your prototype requirements. We handle almost any type of CAD file, or work from basic 2D sketches.

After more than 30 years of doing this kind of prototyping and development work we offer a wealth of advice and experience. Quite often we have resolved your development issues in similar circumstances.

For those who need confidential development of sensitive products we acknowledge and understand the restrictions relating to Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements. Confidential prototyping and development has always taken place alongside our mainstream manufacturing.




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