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We offer plastic Vacuum Forming services for specialist one-off jobs, as well as full batch production runs. Our in-house design team is available to help with material selection, CAD / CAM designs, offer 3D visuals & produce initial prototypes to bring your projects to life.


Bay Plastics fabrication department has become synonymous with quality and excellence in plastic parts manufacture for industrial and commercial applications. With over 20 years of expertise in the plastic fabrication sector, our commitment to service, quality and value, along with our unrivalled product knowledge enables us to guide you in all aspects of plastic material selection, component design through to production.

To complement this we also offer a comprehensive troubleshooting and design service, using the latest software in providing customers with 3D visuals before production. Whatever the application, we can offer a solution to all your professional bespoke plastic fabricated requirements.

Concept Designs & Prototypes: Our dedicated in-house design team has been greatly applauded for our continued high standards in helping clients achieve their vision.

CNC Machining: CNC Plastic machining services are available utilising our vast range of CNC machines and in-house plastic fabrication capabilities. A diverse range of plastic materials can be machined in-house with rapid delivery. We specialise in machining Perspex acrylic, PETG and polycarbonate, and all types of engineering plastic materials from acetal, nylon, polyethylene to ABS and much more.

All plastics have different machining characteristics and material tolerances, so using the right cutting tool is essential in ensuring the best possible surface finish. Our vast experience in plastic materials means that we can provide guidance on material selection and design, ensuring the right plastic is chosen and the desired product finish required for your application. Our largest CNC machine can provide machining of plastic sheets up to 3050mm x 2050mm.

Plastic machining, routing, drilling and engraving services are available on a broad range of plastic materials, in two dimensional and three dimensional operations. A wide range of bespoke products are delivered, from commercial to industrial engineering machining applications.

Edge Polishing: To ensure your project has the perfect finish, we offer a range of edge polishing facilities including Diamond Polish, Buff Polish & Flame Polishing.

Edge Detailing: Our highly skilled fabricators have the expertise and equipment to provide machined or manual edge finishing for a professional finish.

Line Bending: Our workshop includes single to quadruple line bending facilities, which have the ability to bend a wide range of materials.

Plastic Welding: Plastic Welding can be used in applications such as chemical tanks and machine guards that require strong bonded joints for new products.

Thermoforming: Thermoforming has close similarities with vacuum forming, except that greater use is made of air pressure when forming the softened sheet.

Vacuum Forming: Our vacuum forming service produce plastic parts for various industries, such as the food, cosmetic, medical, electronics, and automotive.


We manufacture bespoke plastic parts, products and solutions for clients in many different industries and all over the world. The parts we produce are often the crucial, integral parts for finished equipment and products, as well as exhibition display pieces and focus points.


Bay Plastics Ltd are plastic stockists, plastic designers and plastic fabricators of semi-finished plastic materials, supplying customers all over the world with quality plastic products, design services and plastic fabrication products at competitive prices.

Plastic Products
We carry an extensive range of stock to accommodate the diverse market for semi-finished plastic materials, offering custom sizes on all general plastics. Our professional cutting service will ensure quality finishes and rapid turnaround at all times.

  • Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Foam PVC Sheet
  • Perspex Acrylic Sheets
  • Plastic Polish
  • Polycarbonate Sheets

Plastic Design
Our plastic design team are capable of creating a range of specialist bespoke products, from initial prototypes and one offs to full production runs. The capabilities and capacity available allows us to offer an extensive specialist service.

  • CAD/CAM Modelling
  • Design Services
  • Design Software
  • Tooling & Mould Making
  • Prototypes


If you wish to buy plastic sheet materials etc., PlasticStockist is the online ordering division of Bay Plastics, and our e-commerce site is available to take your orders online now 24/7. PlasticStockist is constantly updated with new plastic products and special offers from our extensive range of materials. Visit



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