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Ridgeway Co-Extrusion Technology is a privately owned company - Founded in 1990 - To develop and market multi-layer die head technology specifically designed for the production of tubes and pipes.


Ridgeway Co-extrusion Die-heads are produced in-house and are available, based on a modular manufacturing technology- We supply: - Optimised monolayer die heads - Coating dieheads up to 4 layers - Multi-layer dieheads up to 7 layers - For pipe/tube sizes fro 1mm O/D up to 200mm O/D - Multiple tube dieheads for mono and multi-layer products - Multi-layer blow moulding dieheads up to 7 layers - Multi-layer sheet dies up to 5 layers - R&D and product development projects - Line conversions - Turnkey system installations Tube extrusion: RFH, RSM, RCD Blow Moulding: RBM, RBM2 Sheet: RSD RFH, RSM, RCD, RBM are designed to support up to 7 layers, all are capable of multiple layer and are designed for the processing of a wide range of: Polyolefins Polybutylene Nylons PVC Various barrier and tie resins Ridgeway Co-Extrusion Die-heads also include line conversions from mono to multi-layer configuration. Ridgeway works in partnership with Extrusion Equipment Manufacturers and can offer complete project management direct to the customer: Dedicated turnkey systems for 3/5 layer co-extruded barrier pipe such as PEX, PB, HMWPE. Complete fuel line systems 2/3/4/5 layer dedicated and optimised to specific structures. We can supply the complete line: · Extruders, calibration, cooling system, haul off, cutting device coiler…. · The Ridgeway die-head · The ancillary equipment (dryer, hopper loader, drying hopper..) · The measuring system (laser O/D and ultrasonic wall thickness measuring systems) Ridgeway recommends each part of the line according to the customer requirements to reach the highest performance and highest product quality.


Our design/ development activities are supported by in-house CAD/CAM as well as solid modelling facilities. The Ridgeway Technology team works closely together with materials suppliers, some of whom have the Ridgeway Diehead Technology installed in their R&D centres, to develop their novel materials. Ridgeway offers a consultancy service assisting customers with their new product development in providing innovative solutions.



Contact No. : +44(0)1235 760435

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