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Ledwell is a British thoroughbred. We have been providing product design, mould toolmaking, injection moulding and engineering services since the nineteen sixties. Plastics manufacturing and engineering solutions are at our core. Ledwell boasts a highly experienced team, with decades of specialist.


Overview of Ledwell Plastics


  • Plastic Product Design & Manufacture
  • Moulding output capacity - Min 90T to Max 470T.
  • Capabilities
  • Product design and development.
  • Mould design.
  • Flow modelling and analysis.
  • Tool and mould making.
  • Moulding.
  • Assembly, welding, glueing and printing.
  • Make to Order.
  • Make to Stock (If required depending on Annual Qty)


Plastic Product Design & Manufacture

From product concept and plastic product design to prototype, Ledwell offers a complete solution to manufacturing whatever you need.

Our design team uses cutting-edge CAD systems, Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion 360.  These combined with decades of real world experience creating new designs or reverse engineering designs, ensures the best solution possible. We use Solidworks plastics software to analyse your design and plastic flow to make sure it moulds correctly.

Even before its been manufactured you will have peace of mind that your designs are refined, reliable and ready to be produced.

Plastic Design Services Worldwide

Our bespoke plastic mould tooling and manufacturing has been used by clients far and wide. From local businesses to national and international clients, we’ve worked with well-known names including Tropicana, Nescafe & Smirnoff.

Part Design and Injection Moulding Prototypes

Every customer and every project are different. We work closely with each customer from the outset, understanding the technical and business solutions they require. We make it our mission to deliver exactly what each customer is looking for.  Our expertise and knowledge ensures a robust technical design and smooth process through to delivery.

A legacy of toolmaking

Injection mould tool making is where Ledwell Plastics began, over 50 years ago. Today we use Mastercam and Autodesk Fusion 360, the world’s most well-known CAD CAM system, to produce tools of the highest quality, precision and longevity.

Your trusted injection moulding specialists

If you’re looking to minimise production costs and produce plastic parts with precision on a quick turnaround time, injection moulding is a great way to do it. We will guide you through the process and ensure your products are produced to exacting standards. We have a wide variety of plastic polymers to chose from and over fifty years of helping clients. Ledwell’s design and set-up process is robust and will give you peace of mind and exceptional value.

Assembly and Packaging Services

The injection mould assembly tasks that we complete on-site include bonding together components, applying oil or other substances and fitting O-rings. We can also take care of self-tapping screw assemblies, nut and bolt assemblies and packaging products into boxes or bags, with a heat seal or staple header card.

We have experience in ultrasonic welding and can give advice on the suitability of this. At every stage of the assembly process, we consistently check for quality and make sure that everything is running smoothly.


Development and design for your future

As specialists in toolmaking and injection moulding, Ledwell Plastics solves your unique manufacturing challenges with years of technical expertise. As we listen and collaborate together, customers find themselves involved at every step of a project, with the focus always on superb quality and dedicated service.

From humble beginnings fifty years ago, Ledwell Plastics now supplies parts to some of the biggest names in the world. The business is proud to have been recognised by Royal Mail as a first-class supplier and made parts for two of the UK Design Council’s highly prestigious Millennium Products in 2000.


Sustainable injection moulding

You may not associate sustainability with plastic. There are many ways that we can achieve true sustainability. Recycling is key to sustainability, but lets not dismiss other options such as biodegradable polymers, which can completely biodegrade, or filled polymers that can offset the amount of plastic polymer in the final product. These options also reduce the use of fossil fuels, aiding sustainability. There is a unique material UBQ, made from unsorted domestic refuse waste, which is completely sustainable.


Having been in the plastic injection moulding business for over 50 years, we know that most plastic polymers can be recycled. We have first-hand knowledge of this and can offer you the best advice on how to proceed with your sustainability project. In fact, we know the process inside out and can offer you in-depth expertise on the practicality of any type of plastic recycling for your specific project.


ISO 9001


Ledwell Plastics was established in 1968 and is ISO 9001

Moulding your future

We work with companies of all sizes, offering totally bespoke plastic injection moulding, toolmaking and rapid prototype services.

Whatever your need, we can custom make it exactly to your brief. We pride ourselves on our extensive technical expertise and we can explain all the manufacturing details along the way.

From designing a component to choosing materials and assembling tools so they’re ready for action, we provide a cost-effective, high-quality solution for designers and engineers looking to mass produce plastic parts and tools.



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