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Automation Investment Analysis Calculator

    Automation Equipment: Investment Analysis Calculator    
      Cost of equipment          
      Installation costs          
      Req'd. investment rate of return     If unsure, use borrowing rate    
      Number of years in production          
      Machine size (tonnes)  
      Machine rate source  
  Incl. labour & profit    
          Used if manual entry selected    
      Labour rate     Incl. employment costs    
      Labour allocation     % labour dedicated to process    
          Current Process   New Process    
      Total machine hours per week        
      Working weeks per year        
      Machine efficiency        
      Gate open & close time        
      Total cycle time        
      Cycle reduction          
      Net hourly benefit          
      Annual benefit excl. interest          
      Annual benefit after interest        
    Investment Analysis Results    
      Payback in years        
      Internal Rate of Return (IRR)        
      Net Present Value (NPV)        
    Usage Notes  

Req'd. investment rate of return - the % return that this capital is expected to produce. If in doubt, use a rate that is equivalent to the typical cost of borrowing.

Machine rate source - use either the 2018 Typical Rates or manually enter the machine rate.

Labour allocation - that % of labour dedicated to this process. (e.g. an operator may only spend 15 mins in each hour packing boxes = 25%. Or the process may need two operators = 200%)

Current Process - Use Full auto w/operator for a machine that already has a robot in pick and place mode, but with a operator assigned to degate/inspect/pack.

New Process - Use Full auto w/operator for addition of a robot in pick and place mode, but with a operator assigned to degate/inspect/pack. Use Full auto for addition of a robot or automation that eliminates the operator.

Gate open & close time - do not include operator reach in and demoulding times, only the gate movements and time to restart the cycle.

Machine efficiency - no operator intervention typically improves press efficiency by 3%


This calculator is designed to assist users to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of Automation equipment in the injection moulding sector. The calculator is provided “as is” and without any representation or warranty of any kind, including that it is fit for any purpose or of merchantable quality, or functions as intended or at all. Your use of the calculator is entirely at your own risk and PlastikCity accepts no liability of any kind. We recommend you contact our Automation Partners for a detailed analysis of your project.

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