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EA-recycling logo  
EA collect & supply material directly back into the manufacturing sector, producing a compliant & efficient recycling process. We have particular interest in uPVC, but all materials considered. A dedicated account manager arranges the pricing, inspection & purchasing of your plastic scrap.
Brighton, East Sussex
vanden recycling logo  
Vanden purchases and collects high quality unused, waste and scrap plastic from post-production, post-industrial and post-commercial sources, taking the full spectrum of high quality, clean plastics. Our suppliers include manufacturers, injection moulders, packaging companies, authorities and SMEs.
Belfast and Lincoln
Repro Plastics - Sell Recycled Material  
Materials bought include PPC, HDPE, PC, ABS, PA, PS, APET. We are a young company with an enthusiastic management team that strives to deliver the very best value and customer service in this very competitive field
Plasgran - Sell surplus plastic material  
PLASgran provide first-class waste recovery & reprocessing services for businesses of all sizes. We offer competitive prices for buying scrap plastic, including all types of production waste, redundant products and prime materials, end of life bins, crates boxes, pots, tubs and trays & reject sto
Regain Polymers - Sell surplus plastic material  
REGAIN Polymers holds a unique position within the industry, through its ability to deal with difficult post-consumer, as well as post-industrial plastic scrap. Materials bought include all types of rigid PP, PE, PS, HIPS etc. in scrap, shred or regrind form, as well as mixed Olefins (Civic Amenit
West Yorkshire

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Company Name: EA-recycling

EA-recycling logo
Company website:
Specialist markets/sectors: HARD PLASTICS



Plastic bags, film and refuse sacks are categorised as soft plastics. These materials are easily recyclable and are used in the production of new materials


Every piece of uPVC can be recycled. That's why we deal with many hundreds of tonnes per month of scrap uPVC door and window frames, (glass free), diverting it from landfill.

Product range Detail: We will collect and recycle: Low grade plastics, high grade plastics, mixed hard plastics, Pre-industrial plastic scraps.

• Mixed Rigid Plastics - PE, PP
• Autoparts / Bumpers – PP, PS
• Correx
• PET Baled
• PP Sacks Baled
• PVC Baled
• uPVC Baled
• uPVC Regrind
• ABS Baled
• ABS Regrind
• PP Regrind Mixed Colour

Additional services provided: EA Recycling offers you a cost effective and convenient alternative to landfill.
We'll provide you with an appropriate collection method for your premises, by which to collect your waste plastic and uPVC (without the glass).

At a pre-arranged time, we'll collect it from you, process it and with volume, turn your waste into a revenue stream.

Working together you'll have access to:
• An experienced, knowledgeable and reliable team.
• A large network of buying and selling power.
• An initial free audit.
• Customised solution-based proposals.
• Competitive rates for your recycled material.
Quality accreditations: EA Recycling has been awarded the AI Business Excellence Award for the Most Innovative Waste Recycling Company of 2017.
Other useful information:
Corporate Video:
Corporate/Product Brochure:

Contact No. :01273 020224

Vanden Recycling Limited

Company Name: Vanden Recycling Limited

vanden recycling logo
Company website:
Specialist markets/sectors: Vanden purchases and collects high quality unused, waste and scrap plastic from post-production, post-industrial and post-commercial sources, taking the full spectrum of high quality, clean plastics. Our suppliers include manufacturers, injection moulders, packaging companies, authorities and SMEs.
Product range Detail: • ABS
• Mixed Plastic
• PA
• PC
• PE100
• PP
• PS
• Tyvek

Additional services provided: Assessment service: we will visit your site to collect information on the material source. This helps to maximise value. Where required, we will give guidance on improvements to ensure best value in future.
Plastic collection: we will advise on and organise a tailored logistics solution to meet your requirements. Options range from weekly stillage collections for loose product through to full trailer or container loads of material. Stillages can be provided if required.
Secure destruction
Processing and supply: if required we will process material at our facility to ensure it is recycled to its highest functional use. We will then market it as a feedstock for manufacturers across the UK, Europe and Asia.
Reporting: we will provide accurate feedback on recovery rates and compliant documentation.
Please see our entry in ‘Offer Scrap Plastic for Tender’, or contact us for more information.
Quality accreditations: Certified Brokers of Controlled Waste in England & Wales and Scotland
Accredited Exporters of Plastics Packaging Waste
Approved Exporters of WEEE
Registered Waste Carrier
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Other useful information: Vanden is a leading global supply chain manager of recyclable plastics. The company has operations in six countries and handles more than 100 grades of recoverable plastics. Vanden UK is the organisation’s UK subsidiary.
We provide integrated logistics, processing and marketing solutions from waste generation to finished product. We do this either through our own facilities or via our wide customer base servicing industries including automotive, ICT, film blowing, pipe/sheet extrusion, injection moulding and compounding.
Corporate Video:
Corporate/Product Brochure:

Contact No. :02892 668009

Repro Plastics Ltd

Company Name: Repro Plastics Ltd

Repro Plastics - Sell Recycled Material
Company website:
Specialist markets/sectors: Some of our customers are large corporate organisations, while others are smaller companies with relatively modest needs. No matter what part of the spectrum your company occupies you can be sure of the same first class service and individual attention – we guarantee it!
Product range Detail: We recycle plastic material from a wide variety of industries around the UK. We work with our customers to reduce wastage and turn scrap or redundant plastics into a commodity that can be reused by industry to manufacture a myriad of everyday products. Using recycled plastics is often a viable, greener alternative to using newly manufactured material and will normally offer considerable cost savings too. We will always be happy to discuss your requirement for plastic recycling.

Materials bought include PPC, HDPE, PC, ABS, PA, PS, APET.
Additional services provided:
Quality accreditations:
Other useful information:
Corporate Video:
Corporate/Product Brochure:
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Contact No. :01280 730730

Plasgran Ltd

Company Name: Plasgran Ltd

Plasgran - Sell surplus plastic material
Company website:
Specialist markets/sectors: We buy from and supply to the UK's Polymer Processing sector.
Product range Detail: Below is a list of example waste plastics that PLASgran are always interested in buying – This is not exhaustive so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable team who will be pleased to advise if you can sell your plastic waste or scrap to PLASgran for recycling.

End of Life:
• Wheelie bins – Production waste or end of life
• Crates – All types taken including crates with handles and labels
• Buckets – No food contaminated
• Utility pipe scrap – Gas, Water, Electric and drainage pipes – PE80 and PE100
• Point of sale displays – Off cuts of PETG, PC or PMMA with or without the film protector
Manufacturers Waste:
• Moulding scrap – Rejects, over runs, colour changes and redundant stocks
• Lump / purgings – From colour and material changes

• Extrusion sheet scrap – Roll stock, skeletal waste and trims
• Mixed rigid scrap
• Re-grind & redundant prime material
Packaging Waste:
• Caps and closures – Single, two and three piece caps
• Caps with inserts – Wadded, foils, springs or valved
• Containers – Bags, trays and boxes, crates, pots, tubs & trays
• Bottle scrap – Post industrial bottles, drums and cans or baled post consumer
• Woven bulk bags
• PS / PP plant pots & trays
Redundant Stock:
• Automotive waste – Car bumpers, panels, handles and light lenses
• Roll stocks – Printed, unprinted or laminated OPP & OPS
• Polythene films – Clear or coloured with or without labels
• EPS briquettes or blocks
Additional services provided: With our capacity and specialist technology we are delighted to carry out toll work – taking in your scrap plastic and reprocessing it for you.
We also supply a full range of regrind and compounded material. (See our separate entry for this service).
Quality accreditations: The Company is ISO 9001 accredited

Working to ISO standards for testing characteristics of plastics including ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO 1133 & ISO 1183-1

Working to British Standards in plastic recycling

Environment Agency Registered reprocessor under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 (As Amended)

Environment Agency Registered for Waste Exemptions

Environment Agency Permit Holder for Heat Treatment of Plastics

Environment Agency Upper Tier Carrier Dealer registered
SIC Hazardous Waste registered
Other useful information:
Corporate Video:	   
Corporate/Product Brochure:		 

Contact No. :01354 740005

Regain Polymers Ltd

Company Name: Regain Polymers Ltd

Regain Polymers - Sell surplus plastic material
Company website:
Specialist markets/sectors: We buy from both manufacturing companies and from Civic Amenities specialists.
Product range Detail: We buy the following grades of rigid plastic waste:

Polyethylene (PE)
Post Consumer, Crate & Trays, Post Industrial Scrap, Toys, Wheeled bins, Gas / water piping

Polypropylene (PP)
Post Consumer, Buckets, Battery Shred, Trays, DVD Cases, Locator Boards, Post Industrial Scrap, Car bumpers, Containers, crates and boxes, Packaging

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
Coat Hangers, Seed Trays, Reels, Post Industrial Scrap , Package Scrap

Polystyrene (PS)
Coat Hangers, Fridge Plastics, Reels, CD Cases, Post Industrial Scrap, Seed trays, Automotive parts, Packaging

CD Cases, other low impact PS

Mixed Olefins
Additional services provided: We can also undertake toll processing of your own rigid scrap into clean pellet for future use.
Quality accreditations: REGAIN Polymers is an Environment Agency licensed site, with accreditation to generate Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) under the Packaging Waste Regulations 1997.
Other useful information: Contact our team on our direct sales line (see front of this listing) to discuss your exact requirements.
Corporate Video:
Corporate/Product Brochure:

Contact No. :01977 605358

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